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No Orange County train article would be complete without mention of the Disneyland Railroad.
Founded in 1988 by a dedicated group of train lovers, the scale and miniature Goat Hill Junction Railroad sprawls over five miles through scenic Fairview Park in Costa Mesa. A small trip south of Orange County for you train enthusiasts, the San Diego Model Railroad Museum is well worth the journey. Also, a little bit down the road, the Orange Empire Railway Museum houses over 200 historic engines and train cars. Christopher Schmidt is a freelance writer experiencing and espousing the glory that is Orange County.
Inspired by the Porsche 356 Speedster which was created by Ferry Porsche and raced by Walter Glockler in 1951, the factory decided to build such a car, being its first designed specifically for use in auto racing. In 1957, the works built a few RS with center-seat setup for racing in the new 1.5-liter Formula Two along with the Cooper-Climax and Cooper-Borgward.

This model uses a brass pan chassis and a hybrid motor made of a modified Mabuchi armature in a Strombecker motor.
Since that is what you seem to do every summer, why not enjoy something a little different with the family this year? The railroad is open seven days a week, except during rare inclement weather, and is ideal for families, parties and enthusiasts.
An original Disney attraction, envisioned and created by Walt Disney himself, the Disneyland Railroad is the perfect introduction to a day at the park.
Goat Hill Junction is open to members and visitors to spectate, participate and, yes, take a ride on any one of six engine-driven locomotives. The 90-acre railroad Perris parkland invites families and fans to come take a weekend train journey and tour the facility any day of the year except Christmas.
Enjoy a variety of exciting outdoor activities in the surrounding park like bike and boat rental, pony rides and the Orange County Zoo, or simply take a walk or sit on a bench and watch the trains roll by.

Witness, marvel and become educated through the sprawling 27,000-square-foot facility bustling with trains, tracks, historical notes and display pieces. A multitude of trains adorn and navigate the property, inspired by and capturing the spirit of this nation’s history. The sound of the whistle, the chug of the engine and the immaculate glimmer of gold, steel and circus-bright paint will become an inseparable element of a day at Disneyland and an important, lasting family memory.
Cared for and conducted by the Orange County Model Engineers Inc., family train rides are free, though your support is greatly appreciated. See classic trains in the style of those that once traversed the country, trolleys from old Los Angeles and even a Disney-fashioned locomotive.

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