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Message: About four years ago, we devoted a Photo Gallery Theme to "Brick, Block, Stucco & Stone". Message: Tunnel portal, retaining wall, cut stone building, brick buildings - there is plenty of masonry showing in this photo from Tom Oxnard's B&M (HO) layout.
Message: I guess I'll submit this block wall that the prisoner's had to fix due to a washout on the L&R. Message: Here's a recently constructed stone wall, in front of a historic brick church in Austin, NV.
Message: One moment, it's a calm quiet scene in front of the old Parrish shoe factory.The next moment, It's a wild car crushing stampede headed for the brick yards,just down the street!! Message: Plaster front walls and wood side walls made to look like stucco on my scratch built background building named after two forum members - Ken Kersten (marken) and Mike Mace (mikethetrainman).

Message: This little 4 inch square diorama was built using architectural task board for the stone work scribed with a pencil and painted.
Message: This is an old Tyco passenger station where I colored the stone work, and carved the brick under the station from plaster.
The structure is a RDA brick building plastered, the concrete platform was poured plaster and the platform foundation is cut linoleum.
Albans Station in HO Scale.Located on the Vermont & Essex model railroad in Montreal, Quebec. I'm so sick of seeing my black-wash rise to the high-points instead on staying in the cracks that I decided instead to try a whitewash.
At the time of its completion it was the largest motor vehicle assembly plant in the United States.

This engaging work, published in 2010, draws upon many of the archives and photos of the Museum to chronicle the history of this important contributor to the development of the Township.
Links to photos on the web are allowed, however.In consideration for those on dial-up, please keep your photos to 80KB or smaller.

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