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The small model railroad photos below were taken at a narrow gauge train show in Schomberg, Ontario in 2007. If you are curious about the Internet, social media like Facebook and Twitter, and want to know more about what's going on in the wide, wide world up in the clouds, and especially if you have any desire to do something for yourself, I urge you to take a little time to watch the video below.
Have you ever wondered how Jimmy gets all those kits out to your mailbox without mixing them up?
The Union Spring Home & Garden Show - Special Open House April 23-24 - Children and cameras welcomed! During the Blue Grass Fesitval Special Open House June 18 (FREE Admission to model railroad exhibit; other charges for fairground access may apply)- Children and cameras welcomed!
Nevada County Fair August 10-14 - Stop by during the fair - catch a glimps of Nevada County's railroad history. Gold Country Kennel Club Dog Show - August 29 - A special open house concurent with Nevada County's favorite dog show! During the Roamin' Angels Car Show September (TBD) - Special Open House during the car show.

Country Christmas Faire - A special open house concurent with the Country Christmas Faire - November 25-27 - Children and cameras welcomed! I had promised to show more of the Texas Western Model Railroad layout and this time I will take a trip to Colorado and New Mexico for a little narrow gauge. From Alamosa we traveled up and over an 7' tall mountain range, through Big Horn, through Red Mountain, and into Cumbres. So, after dropping off cars in the yard and turning the locomotive on the wye at the edge of town, your train heads back out for the climb up to Cumbres again. If you had decided to take the other leg of the wye at Cumbres Pass, you would find your train headed into RGS territory and cross the three-way stub switch as you proceed into town. Later, after #20 has picked up a train it heads into Ophir Loop as it approaches Ophir. I hope you enjoyed the tour of the narrow gauge portion of the Texas Western Model Railroad Club. They just prove that you don't need a lot of space to build a model railroad.Most were only a few feet square and were built by modelers with great imagination and cleverness.

Sometimes this model railroad layout is named as the Furka Pass or Oberalp Mountain Pass Train or as Model Train Station Gletsch in H0m Scale. The model railway presents the famous narrow gauge railway system along the Furka Oberalp Mountain in Switzerland.
I stopped by Brett's table this year and took this picture of him with Karl (on the left) and John with Railway Models (in the center).
Historical Model Railroad member, or how to run a train, or learn the history of the NCNG railroad.
Due to potential conflict with other fairground events, tours should be scheduled well in advance in order to make proper arrangements.
Train controlling is based on Zimo radio control panels; furthermore there are products and locomotives of HAPO, BEMO, Shinohara, Sommerfeld, STL, Motreno, Fulgurex and Ferro Suisse.

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