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Because HO needs more “shoulder room” than HOn3, 18” radius turns and #5’s are bigger than the 16-18” turns and #4’s of the original plan, and because the room can fit it; I increased the size of the layout one foot on the long axis so my plan is 8’ x 11’ and is fit into a 10’ x 14’ room.
As far as the schematic layout of the tracks, curve for curve, tunnel for tunnel, bridge for bridge, the only change I made was to completely redesign the tracks at Montrose, tuning it into a seaport (Tiburbon on my layout) and add a wye behind Tincup leading off through a bookcase to staging tracks in the corner.
Like the Frenchman’s Axe: the handle replaced three times, the head replaced twice, but still the same axe – I consider my plan to be largely the same as Furlow’s SJC despite all my tweaks. Drawing the initial plan of your layout feels really hard in a CAD system compared to pencil and paper – so much so that you can begin to wonder: is CAD is really the way to go? The initial CAD drawing may take longer to get down the first time than a cranking out a similar pencil and paper drawing but CHANGES to your plan are where the CAD simply kicks butt. Using pencil and paper it would have taken me many hours to redraw the layout with different turnouts.
3rd PlanIt has fairly deep terrain generating and editing capabilities but at that point in the process I made the decision that the time-to-benefit ratio was not good enough for me to go deeply into that on my plan.
The above is my opinion, from an active and experienced Model Railroader in N scale and HO since 1961.
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I have never seen pictures of whats around on the other 3 sides of this TRAIN SHOW LAYOUT, but picture below shows other sides but i never got any ****close up *** detailed coverage of it.
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I used a modeling clay model of the layout to work out the 3D aspects of the scenery (I write about that here).
Still trying to convince the wife thatt I need to basement family room(when it's complete) to do an around the walls layout like that. I built 5 layouts over 50 years without a good room and none ever really ran or looked good. I would paint those those wall sky blue and some white clouds on them before you go any further. I’ve had work related experience with CAD systems and while 3rd PlanIt is not flawless it is certainly good enough to have been a great help in planning the layout. I only had to go back once to buy one more 10-foot 1×4 because I made an oops and forgot to leave myself a long piece. It's always thrilling to have a brand new space and begin planning :)Can you give us just a sneak peak of your druthers?

Just beware it will scratch a bit, so I would recommend placing protective padding under any benchwork legs that rest on the floor.
Turns out Walthers looked like they were going to be out of stock for weeks or months on those items. May you be the envy of all who read here, and may you enjoy the room as much as I have mine. If I put cars on it, the layout becomes point to point for operations.Next I try and determine how many small towns I can have, and possibility one city with a yard and loco facilities, without them crowding one another. Then I plug along on the other track work and scenery design and continue from there.Hope this helps.

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