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For over 60 years, FALLER has a long standing tradition of providing model railway enthusiasts with high quality precision built kits for their train, railroad and slot car racing layouts. I have been slowly developing a little diorama on one of my sidings using Walthers Central Gas & Supply. Peter - timely post, because I have just started building a gantry (A frame) crane for the Atherton Service track.
I will be the first to admit that this component is more a representation than true prototype - but it's my railroad right. Once the paint had dried I fed some brass chain through a pre-drilled hole in the hoist assembly and attached the hook with some 15 thou wire. This will give you an idea of how these parts fit on the RailPower shell and take an okay looking shell to a new level !!!

As you can see, I also use a collection of cheap plastic drawers on top of the workbench to organize paint, parts, plastic and metal, and some tools. If I may humbly suggest, you have a plethora of information at your fingertips right here in the MRH archives just by using the search tool in the upper right hand corner above. If you know any of these guys, I would love the contact or at least information on how to get some parts. What I am finding that as I get back into it there is an ever growing of tools, ain't s, brushes, screws, nails, rail spikes and joiners, and there is the vast collection of trains entailing parts etc. I actually used two different diameters The larger diameter tube was cut in two pieces to leave a smaller diameter tube in the middle that the chain can wrap around. I used their 52" fans, oil retention tank gage, toilet drain and dynamic brake outlet grill.

I invested less than 5 minutes cleaning up the Station Platform with common dish soap and water to show how easily be cleaned up,as well as, give you an idea what exactly to expect. Combine that with their exact square section and you can start to imagine their usefulness.

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