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This station is a replica of the station that was owned by Steve's Father which was located in West Branch, Michigan during the 1930's and 40's. The roundhouse which is under construction has two enormous cranes that are placing the roof trusses. Pictured here is a view of the bustling down town area and train depot as people board the next train.
Here the train makes a stop at the logging camp and while there, picks up a load of stone at the quarry.

This Ford Dealership is named in honor of our very good friend, Jimmy Walker, who passed away at the age 42. This site contains free bonus material for people who have purchased the Complete Beginners Guide To Model Trains. On your download page, you would have been given your member link, to access the content on this site.
Then contact us here with your order details, so we can send you your special link for the members are of this site.

To the left are children skating in the park and skiers make their way down the mountain below the observatory.
He was very instrumental in the restoration of this 1915 Model T Ford Depot Hack that is currently being worked by Jimmy's head mechanic.

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