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Many modellers are afraid to ballast their track because they don't want to gum up the works. If the region you want to model is not nearby, try to find some magazines, train or otherwise, that show the scenery and some train tracks.Here's a picture of some branchline track a few kilometers from my house in Stayner, Ontario. The ballasting grains at the iron ore mine in Youngstown are a reddish colour to reflect the iron ore in the soil and what's spilled from the ore cars.
Don't neglect to put nails,  tacks or poster board tacks at the end of sidings until you get around to scenicking the area. If you are curious about the Internet, social media like Facebook and Twitter, and want to know more about what's going on in the wide, wide world up in the clouds, and especially if you have any desire to do something for yourself, I urge you to take a little time to watch the video below.
Here's how to go about it.The first thing to do is to walk alongside some real track and study the color of the rails, ballast, and surrounding scenery.

It was photographed in the autumn so I could capture the color and look of the weeds and foliage.The rail has a smaller cross section than mainline track. Changing ballast color adds visual interest.If you have an interchange or place where two railways cross, consider using a different color ballast for each railroad to differentiate them. If the track was glued down with white or yellow glue, soak the piece of track with windshield washer fluid.Leave it for half an hour then use a scraper or plastering trowel to work it up from the roadbed base.
I also change grain sizes using HO ballast on the mainline and N scale ballast on the sidings.The N scale ballast looks better with the code 70 and code 55 rail on the sidings. I used it under some commercial turnouts that id's paid a lot of money for and they were ruined forever.
Experiment on a siding or a piece of spare track.Use full-strength white glue or yellow carpenter's glue on the sloped sides of the cork roadbed or use matte medium.

Matte medium retains a rubbery consistency that can help absorb sound.Apply ballast with a soft brush. A small plastic drinking cup, the triangular kind, is a good way of controlling the spread of the ballast when pouring it onto the glue.

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