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Above all else, the diesels' biggest advantage over steam locomotives was their relatively light need for maintenance. Filling the fuel tank is one of the more regular service operations for any diesel locomotive. This is often the case for locomotives which are kept at remote locations, assigned to a specific industry, or working on short lines.Even permanent facilities require only a storage tank and a pump.
Elevated towers and plumbing for sanding are one of the most visible features of a diesel service facility.
Like steam locomotives, diesels use sand for extra traction when climbing grades, starting a train or on slippery rails.
Although not common any more, fuel oil and water for a steam generator would also be topped for passenger-service locomotives.While the engine is cared for, so is the next crew. Several manufacturers have made models of typical diesel locomotive maintenance facilities. American Watch company (1859-85) American Waltham Watch company (1885-1906) Waltham Watch co. Waltham pocket watches were made in a wide variety of sizes, grades, and options - both artistically and mechanically. The early part of the disastrous panic which swept over the country in 1857 was spoken of in connection with Boston Watch Company but the business outlook was even more precarious as the fall drew near and the owners realized business would need to be curtailed at the factory. Perhaps the event which marked the year 1859 more than anything else was the withdrawal late on that year of several of the foremen and prominent workmen to enter the employ of the Nashua Watch Company of Nashua New Hampshire, which had just been organized at that place. The company now entered upon a period of great financial prosperity incident to the war, which began to effect business favorably in 1862.The business of the company was to make money, and they did it faster than any watch company had ever been able to do ti before or since. In the years 1866-8 the following may be mentioned as some of the new departure of the company: A large wing had been added to the factory in 1864 to accommodate the growing demands of the company and new movement to be produced in nickel and soon afterwards a stem winding attachment was added. In 1873 and a few succeeding years, the company, like all other kinds of business, again passed through another time of great depression consequent upon the panic of that year.

During the year 1877, the company changed the 18 size movements somewhat, and designated them as "New Model", the principal changes being in the mainspring barrel and balance. An opportunity now presented itself such as never had presented itself before, to show to the public at large, all these improvements. This company, as previously hinted at, has been a parent plant more than any of the other American watch companies. But the operations performed here in North Platte can be slimmed down to fit any yard on a model railroad. Consequently, compared to steam locomotive service facilities, diesel service areas generally occupy a smaller footprint per locomotive.Like steam locomotives, diesel engines do require refueling, as well as regular inspections, light maintenance and, when necessary heavy repair and even rebuilding.
In addition to the fuel pumps, small details like parts racks, safety railings - even the portable restroom for workers - add a lot of character to the scene.
Of course the size of the tank and the number of pumps all depends on the number of locomotives being serviced. Howard watch company- with it's formation history detailed here devised manufacturing methods, machinery and fine timepieces yet failed after 45 years of ground breaking work. The reason for this is not only the fact that several other companies engaged their employees from Waltham to build the machinery and start their plants, but in several instances the conception of the new enterprises originated among the employees at Waltham. All material on this Website, including text, photographs, graphics, code and or software, are protected by international copyright and trademark laws.
A small fill hatch on the roof or end is the only external sign.The process of sanding a diesel is like that of a steam locomotive and during the transition era between the two often the same facility was used for both types.
A crew can actually refuse to take a locomotive if certain conditions like this aren't met. In general however, diesel service buildings are set up in a different configuration.Most diesel shops are rectangular buildings with multiple tracks. Locomotives which work out of yards which do not have facilities for this work will be shuttled to larger shops on a monthly basis - usually over weekends when they aren't needed for local duties.

The tanks themselves may be refilled by tank cars or by truck.The pumping station can be a relatively simple affair. Rice, the assignees, began of course, to look for a purchaser for the Boston Watch Company's plant and found one in the person of Mr. Perhaps, however, the following detail is tied with references to the year mentioned will be of interest. The area is usually well lit and in addition to fuel, several other operations can be performed here.Model diesel fuel platforms have been made in many scales, making it easy to add one to your layout. Stratton waited on the American Watch Company with a view to getting them to purchase the Nashua plant. The company also made a large exhibit of machinery at the Centennial, showing the actual operation of make many parts of a watch.
John Loga, the hairspring manufacturers of Waltham, patented a process for hardening and tempering a Breguet hairspring in form. Dennison was a founder of the now defunct E.Howard company - merged with the new Appleton Tracy company - thus creating the the American Watch Company. They are usually called pendant set, as the crown pulls out to set which dispenses with the setting lever at the side.
Having all details arranged, the president took possession of the watch factory on behalf of the company and the firm of Messrs. Appleton Tracy & Company passed out of existence - although the name has been used ever since as a trademark on the best grade of gull plate movements which the company made until the advent of the new "Crescent Street".

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