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Because of non-railroad abuse of the site, new members MUST use their first names (at least) to join NO EXCEPTIONS! Woodie and Mudge are real good at identifying locos, maybe they will voice an opinion as too the locos heritage and wheel setup. The many wheeled models are a lot like what Ollie Smith of New Zealand made after they outlawed steam in the woods.
This loco is on Murray Reid's On3 logging layout, the "Steamwinders & Sawdust." Google it, go to the loco roster it is at the bottom of the photos. Might be the one that the seller was offering to the members here at $2500 (only!) before he sent it to Ebay.
Parts of this bulletin board may not function unless you enable JavaScript (also called Active Scripting) in your browser. I have searched the internet and come up with some on Ebay but they all sold some time ago.
According to the included note, the square motor provides quite good operating characteristics; it is about 20% slower than the Sagami motor (supplied in the original kits) and has about 25% more power. I am also having vague thoughts about lost wax casting some of the parts to replace the white metal ones but that still leaves me short of a suitable gearbox and motor.
Both kits use the Keystone Locomotive Works 20 ton 2-truck shay kit (or similar) and are therefore HO scale. Thanks for the clarification it has certainly improved my almost zero knowledge base on narrow gauge.
By posting this topic I was hoping that someone might have some options, other than Ebay, on sourcing the NWSL kits for the Keystone Shay. It would seem that there is also a #210-6 and #1210-6 kit for the HOn30 version (HO scale, running on N-scale track).
While steam locomotives are completely outside of my normal modeling type and era (modern CSX), I have a long held fascination with Shay Locomotives in particular and logging lines in general.

I therefore couldn't resist the opportunity to buy a Keystone Locomotives 2 Truck Shay Kit on our local auction site.
I also found a couple of online blogs where people had documented their build of these kits. I love shays, and by the way, welcome to the pinnacle of challenge - geared, side drive locos.
I’ve included a few links on shays and related logging gear, but first consider the fact that you will need weight to have better traction.
The MDC Shay Handbook by Jeff Johnston (Oso Publishing Co.) is a nice primer on H0 scale shays. The one thing that is clear is that I have a lot of learning to do and some decisions to make before starting the build. I have been working on several Keystone Shay Kits, looking for alternative ways to power this static model using as few or none of the parts from the old and long out of production NWSL Power conversion kits. This required the side frames be lengthen a bit, sort of a cut and paste job, to add the necessary length. You're probably well ahead of me here, but with 2x motors and no guaranteed sync, any thoughts about how to get the sideshaft not to "skip teeth" or twist itself apart in operation? Would it not make more sense to make one of the connecting shafts a slip shaft rather than driving as effectively these shafts only now transmit motion to the side mechanism rather than transfering drive.
In the original MDC drive, the sideshaft was not part of the actual electric-motor driveline. Many modellers have tried removing all but one of the sideshaft bevels on stock MDC shay drives, on the theory that with only one point-of-drive, no axle<>axle lockups can occur. In development, some modellers have evolved the above, rounding off 3 of the 4 sideshaft bevel gears, so they are a "sloppy fit" to the wheel bevels.
If you were able to get the power to transfer smoothly from the geared wheels, of course, then all your issues are gone.

Badger Creek Lumber Company is an HO logging layout featuring Shay, Heisler and Climax loco's. Ray Schofield has already been of huge assistance with some very helpful information but I am now on the hunt for the NWSL Kit #208-06. If there is anyone on this forum that can point me in the direction of finding this kit I would be most grateful. I do not intend to rush this so the build may take some considerable time and a great deal of care as the parts are extremely fragile. This might ultimately modify the look or proportions of the Keystone kit you are starting from. Way to give a new guy encouragement at trying his hand putting together a complicated kit. If you use track current this helps a lot and they convert to Radio Control with Battery Power very easy. It's sole function, apart from looking gorgeous, was to transmit motion from the axles to the "steam engine" crankshaft. What got me started in Model Railroading was the fact that I was brought up in model railroading by the wizard of all model railroaders, John Allen.
It’s tremendously rewarding to achieve success in operating any shay loco, especially from plastic kits. His famous railroad "Gorre & Daphetid" was an inspiration to all who looked at the photographs of his layout.

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