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Howdy Folks,Here's what I've been working on lately:It's a Wheel Works 1934 Ford railtruck kit that I modified for logging work.
Bernd, can't you use the motor from the one you were working on prior to you scratching it???? ShareThisWho would have thought that the Federal Railroad Adminstration inspector would be working on Saturday night? ShareThis?You know if we modeled an abandoned railroad we could save a lot of money not buying locos and cars. The Atlantic and Great Western teams up with the Wisconsin State Police to film and Operation Lifesaver commercial.

Having gotten stuck on my first idea of a railtruck I started looking for something older in a truck body.
With over 270 tables and only $3.00 to get in, free parking makes this twice a year swap meet one of the best in the mid west.
The Boeing club has a test track station you can use to try out used engines, a module HO club layout on display. Stop by the club lay out, I'll have my club vest on with a large Katy RR Patch on the rear. Drilled out the inside of the tubing with a #57 drill so the half axels would fit in at a 3' wide gauge point.

But now that I see your idea I think I can make a logging railtruck out of the parts that are there.

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