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Dirt and oxidation inhibits the electrical contact between the rails and the wheels of the locomotive. The above usually occur when we haven't run our trains for several weeks, when there is an increase in humidity or when we've just done scenic work.
My method for cleaning track is to rub a piece of balsa wood on the offending section, followed up with a thorough rubdown woth some cloth swabs soaked in isopropyl alcohol.
The balsa really helps in removing some of the more stubborn crud and doesn't leave any residue like track rubber cleaners do.
But if you do use a track rubber, vacuum up any remaining residue and you should be fine.
Model Scenery and Structure offers layout fabrication to any level of completion from ‘track only’ to sophisticated works of art with scenery, structures, signals, lighting, backdrops and the latest in computer controlled operation. We use high quality materials and products from industry leading manufacturers and produce highly reliable, craftsman quality layouts. The team assembled by Model Scenery and Structure bring to the table years of model railroading and model making experience. This combination of skilled staff and the best products coupled with our in-depth research, comprehensive planning and our strict design standards produce models and layouts that are among the finest in the industry. Model Scenery and Structure applies modern techniques along with tried and true hands on modeling practices in the fabrication of our models. Diligent Planning To be cost effective and offset the labor intensive handmade elements on the layout bench and deck framework we use the Layout Plan Set and our unique Modular System to fabricate the bench structure. The Build Proposal will include the complete project cost with all materials and labor included. A fee to prepare the Build Proposal based on the layout complexity and level of completion will be presented. What Rich said it correct, you are asking a very un-defined question that will result in many different answers, but we want to help if we can. In some cases you can save a little room with a compound ladder (or a pinwheel ladder, if the track leading into the area is curved), but yard ladders always take up a lot of length and the resulting yard body tracks can end up too short to be really useful. OK, with the change in title and text of the original posting, seems like you aren't planning a yard, at least not as some would define it. Since you have a small space and probably a fixed track arrangement based on the structures, you don't have a lot of choices to make, it would seem. So one turnout to branch between engine terminal and fuel storage, two more turnouts on the engine terminal side with straight tracks to match your engine service structure, and one or no turnouts on the fuel storage side depending on whether you want one or two track here.
Bear in mind that the more turnouts, the shorter the resulting tracks, so simpler is often better in a limited space. Perhaps you are new to online forums, but often folks seem to get better results if they provide more information.

Also, it’s often a good idea to provide additional information in the form of a reply to the thread, rather then modifying your original post, so that those who are reading along get the information.
That substantial change to the original post causes the subsequent posts to seem largely unresponsive. Any track exposed to the elements for any length of time will not stay "Railroad Tie Brown" for long. I will join in with "I have used both with no problems" but I do weather my track (when the mood strikes me) so I have more non weathered down than weathered. I weather all my exposed track and found the weathered track a bigger hassle, mainly because I had to clean off the blackening to solder feeders and connecting track. Oxidization as well as dust accumulating on the nickel rails slows trains down, while especially dirty sections of the layout may stop them, quite literally, in their tracks!
And if you have steel track on your layout, be prepared to perform frequent track cleaning to keep rust at bay! The PVA glue used in attaching scenery to a layout forms a thin, non-conductive layer if it should find its way onto the rails.
It has rotating cleaning pads made of a soft felt material that are good for gentle maintenance but not as a substitute for balsa and alcohol. Users are forbidden to reproduce, republish, redistribute, or resell any materials from this website in either machine-readable form or any other form without permission. This philosophy provides you with a great looking, low maintenance Model Railroad that brings your dream to reality.
Their uncompromising attention to detail, established disciplines and quality control standards are reflected in every project. Although this approach may be more labor intensive we believe the advantage of this method is reflected in the details and overall appearance of the finished product. If major changes are made, like changing the level of completion, an additional fee may be required to revise the Build Proposal.
Just as an example, this yard from a custom project is 2X8 and would need a little additional length to allow the runaround if placed at the end of the line. If it's a large oil storage facility, there might be two parallel tracks for delivery of tankcars, although one track would also work just fine. Telling the forum up front what functions were needed and telling the forum now what kits you have may provide more meaningful responses and less grasping at straws to try to help.
It's not too powerful and will not rip up the scenery like a household vacuum cleaner would!
It's a good idea to go over the track area with a magnet to pick up any fine scraps of steel wool after you're done cleaning your track. Layout size, complexity and operational functions along with the level of completion will determine the cost.

As in the design phase we will collaborate with you to determine the components and level of completion to be incorporated in the layout. Materials are chosen for their quality and reliability with proven performance from leading manufacturers in the industry.
The CadRail drawings are used for the benchwork plans and patterns, track roadbed diagrams, scenery and structure plans, electrical schematics, digital component diagrams depicting component locations, digital addresses and wiring connection points and the control station design. When you’re satisfied that the Build Proposal accurately represents your expectations we will establish a payment structure. These tend to be straight-line affairs, with the tracks arranged to match the spacing required by your structure models.
There are variations on this theme, but painting the ties as described further down this page tell the whole story. Generally, as a rule of thumb, the labor will be about three to five times the cost of materials and components. A Build Proposal that includes a Build Scope of Work, Material List and Timeline will be developed incorporating details from the Layout Plan Set.
The detail plans allow us to compete with laser cutting systems, particularly with one of a kind projects where repetitive cutting of the same component project to project is not required. Generally, a deposit is made to get the project scheduled with the first payment due when work starts.
First weather the ties with Floquil Railroad Tie Brown, install your blast and then weather the rails with Floquil Rail Brown using a fine nozzle on your air brush.
Model Scenery and Structure is proud to create high quality yet affordable model railroads.
Our team utilizing these techniques, technologies and standards along with their extensive skills to create the masterpieces we are proud to tag ‘Created by Model Scenery and Structure’.
Subsequent payments are structured to coincide with a specific stages of project completion. Since the wheel flanges only ride on the top inside of the rail head anyway, natural wear from running your trains would create a more prototypical finish after a while.
The Build will be scheduled with receipt of a deposit or payment as defined in the Build Proposal. On non pre-weathered rail, using a basswood strip appropriately wide enough for your scale, whetted with some 70% rubbing alcohol and rubbed down the rail head is a simple and fast way to really get it clean and shiny without leaving any residue.

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