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I am going to need a small turntable for my new RR and would like to have a go at scratchbuilding it. What style of turn table do you have in mind?  A wooden gallows turntable using the armstrong method for propulsion? Mine will be sort of a backwoodsy, set in the early 40's, branchline terminal type turntable, definitely nothing fancy. As an inexpensive, fairly easy alternative to scratchbuilding a turntable, what about customizing an Atlas Turntable like this one from the 2Guys how-To's? The turntable is powered by a Switchmaster stall motor mounted on a spring loaded swing arm. It was so annoying to hear the sound decoders re-start when the power was interrupted during a rotation that we came up with this approach. Excellent and elegant solution to the exact sound drop-out problem I've been looking to solve. Because of non-railroad abuse of the site, new members MUST use their first names (at least) to join NO EXCEPTIONS! Parts of this bulletin board may not function unless you enable JavaScript (also called Active Scripting) in your browser.
A big honking modern (relatively speaking) with a concrete pit and compressed air drive?  Something in between? I know some folks use the Atlas turntable under a nicer looking one , just to get the indexing feature .

In one of my Interstate books a pic exists of one of their turntables that is pretty basic. I have an old stepper motor from one of those air conditioner like coolers (they use water & a fan - can't remember what they are called!) so have been thinking of doing something with that. You can see them on my web site if you want better images.Anyway, for anyone that is interested, the turntable was covered with stripwood, the sides are blocked in with individual stones that I make from strips of plaster. I'm not very fond of their turntable - but now I see what a creative imagination & some great modeling can do.
A brass bushing was made to accept the cable end of the phone plug, and a nylon gear was bored out to fit the outside diameter of the plug body. The entire bridge can be removed from the top of the layout for maintenance or detailing by simply pulling teh assembly upwards. It's already a gear drive internally so the external plastic spur and bull were only to transfer the motion to the central TT shaft. My main use for the turntable will be to purely turn locos - it will have 2 exits only, one to the engine house (single stall) and one to a track beside the house. The little Atlas powerhouse is still there, but I covered it with stone blocks, stripwood and Paper Creek roofing.
A brass plate to support the superstructure (built separately) was affixed to the top of the bushing. A Lenz automatic reversing relay deals with the polarity change relative to the lead tracks during rotation.

The spring loaded arm tension wasn't critical as tooth wear was never going to be an issue. Trains interchange at my town and the engines will need servicing and turning before heading back to whence they came.
Irv showed me some prototype photos of covered turntables, to keep the snow out, and he had one on his layout converted to a covered Laws type, with an "A" framed bridge, and another completely covered unit he built inside a brick structure. Power fed to the tip and ring contacts on the phone jack allows for the audio output of sound equipped locos to remain uninterrupted throughout the turntable rotation. Very little backlash in the mesh meant using a simple DPDT toggle wired as a reversing switch was good enough to align the bridge with the lead.
The powerhouse still lifts off the drive motor and even the coal laying around lifts up with the model. I layed waxed paper under the structure before adding the coal and gluing it down like ballast.Turntable works fine for small steam. Ben also has a product called Baby Blocks that look pretty good painted.My stripwood was applied with ACC.
It stress relieves the plastic and you could end up with an ootsfrayootlay instead of a turntable.My bridge is detailed with Grandt Line NBWs and gussets robbed from Grandt high side gondola hardware.

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