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If you're at the point where you need to start ballasting your model railroad track, then you might want to check out this video tutorial on wiring.
I am installing caboose industries ground throw with the terminals to power the frog on my turnouts and have two questions.1. Can some one tell me what size screw fits the hole next to the frog so I have somthing to soider to?2. I understand that it is hard to soider to the frog and some suggest to use a screw in the hole close to the frog on the atlas turnouts.

The concerns revolve around the electrical contact in the ground throw in that they work loose and need to be either glued or attached in some manor other then the manufacturer suggests.
As a matter of fact that particular style of throw cured my power routing troubles in a couple of throw points.Thanks for bringing up this issue for future reference. Anyone use these can post a photo of where the bronze piece goes or give some hints the instructions are not real clear. They are #6 and have a fairly long frog so it wasn't any more trouble than the other feeders.

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