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Do you have a model railroad layout or scene that you would like to share and showcase on this site? If youa€™re like me, you may have been building layouts for years, with no one ever knowing about it except for your family and a few friends. All you have to do is write 2 or 3 paragraphs, or more if you want, telling about how you built it, what problems youa€™ve had to overcome if any, what you like most about your layout or about the hobby, and anything else you think might be interesting about it.
So if you have a railroad layout or scene that is begging to be shared, here is the place to let us know about it. So if youa€™ve got something to show, dona€™t let it just sit there in your basement or garage. Realistic Scenery from Aluminum Flashing! I have developed a new approach to model railway scenery. The Town of Pine Valley Well this layout is 38 inches wide by 10 feet long consisting of O Gauge track and KLine buildings, with some RailKing products as well. The Northern Hills Railway Society, located on Main Street in Deadwood, South Dakota, has just added a new window display to its attraction.
RiverPass III - This showpiece is a fantastic example of what you can do with a layout kit in a 4x8' space. NYC Botanical Garden 2010 Holiday Train Show - A garden railroad like you've never seen before - timeless and inspirational no matter what season, but you can only visit during the Holidays. The Chesapeake Bay and Western Model Railroad - One of the largest HO scale model railroads in Virginia, nicely detailed and well-operated by a great club.

Seaboard Railroad Station This restored railroad station in Suffolk, VA is now a museum containing a large 2-room model railroad accurately depicting the area and the time when the station was at its peak. Model Railroad Scenery - A great site with lot of pictures and instructions on how to build all kinds of scenes with interesting terrain, bridges, waterfalls, etc.
Bayside and Tidewater Railroad (Canadian Connection) with lots of links to other model railroads in Canada and other areas.
The Big Meadow Railroad - The Big Meadow Railroad represents a fantastic way for model railroaders to share their hobby with other family members.
Building My Empire - Building My Empire is a great article written to explain the step-by-step process that one of my visitors went through in building his railroad. The Utah Belt is an expanded version of the original with a similar modern southwest theme.
With Sweethome Alabama's first exhibition looming in 6 weeks time, I have been feverishly upgrading some of the locomotives that I want to use on the layout. I've knocked up the basic Canon hood, using side sheet containing the smaller recess for the brake lever.
Update:  You don't have to own one, a number of companies emerging that will print your designs for you. So now TJIC will have to go scrambling through his back issues of Anvil Weekly to see if maybe Katy Perry made the cover. I am a little late to the game on this stuff -- apparently hobbyists have been using it for crafting.  For example, who wouldn't want a Tron outfit?

I wish I had more pictures of my old work, but they seem to have been lost in a move.  All I have left is a few poor-quality, poorly-scanned under-construction photos of my first layout from years and years ago. Almost exactly 10 years ago, on my son's 5th birthday, I bought him some large scale (G-scale) trains and track.  It was a logical present given that I have always been a model railroader myself, though with smaller scale trains (HO and now N) and a different approach (for example, I fabricated my own track rather than buying it). It's now the turn of the Kato Norfolk Southern SD40-2, which is going from a NW low short hood version, to a SOU high short hood, with the aid of a Canon conversion kit. I’m fascinated by your attention to detail and of course your modeling the ever present. The mainline connects two staging areas of six 20-foot reverse loop staging yards stacked over each other.
I enjoy seeing modern loco’s traversing through the beautiful scenery on your layout. Intermodal, unit coal trains and manifests pulled by modern EMD power keep the rails polished on this intermountain bridge route. I do have a question though, how many cars can you typically put in a train that will fit without bottling things up? The Utah Belt has been featured in many issues of both Model Railroader and Railroad Model Craftsman.

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