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I need to go pay a bill (online) before I forget it, but I may just be back (you've been warned!) Still want to vaccuum the carpet and do some (overdue) cleaning around the apartment, too. Just had dinner about a hour ago and am waiting for the race to restart, looks like it will. Our neighbors here had a new grandchild born yesterday, and the child has already passed away. Turned out just as I hoped!  I thank all of you for helping me figure out how to get the look I wanted! Gidday All, once again a balmy Friday evening, it was a very humid 78 F with a sticky wind this afternoon, thank goodness for a cool breeze now.
I guess that all the above is just a very longwinded way of introducing my current work in progress offering.
And I managed to find an easy to fix Norscot Cat scraper for $5 at the scratch and dent hobby shop. Not sure the exact dye or stain you're using , but going over it with a dark to medium gray wash will take out most of the red highlights, then lighter gray over that will add contrast and blending.
Speaking of the Blacksmith's Shop, I best get down there and finish that roof before it starts to rain here in the Finger Lakes! After a couple of lovely warm sunny days the tables have turned overnight with it Sn*wing hard, high winds and super slippery roads. The injections were of the moderate variety and I get, in 2 months, the heavy duty "deep" injections i like so much,,, Insurance naturally only pays for 3 a year!
I too, still have several of our crowd on my prayer list and will continue as long as needed. I got so caught up in the work on the computers today that I didn't realize my blood sugar had fallen to a dangerous level. Lots of electrickery work adjusting lighting this week and finishing off a few more lighted cars.
And I finished the week by dimming the lights on my BLI California Zephyr and adding anti-flicker lighting. Eastern Car Works Covered Hopper Kit with Round Hatches, added airlines and A-Line Sill Steps, Painted with Scalecoat II Reefer White and lettered with Herald King Decals.
IMRC Undecorated PS 5277CF Boxcar, Car was completely assembled so all it took was some Scalecoat II Reefer White and Herald King decals to complete the car. Rule 3: Illuminating discussion of prototype history, equipment and operating practices is always welcome, but in the event of visitor-perceived anacronisms, detail descrepancies or operating errors, consult RULE 1!

Gidday All, As I expect Great Stuff as per usual this weekend Gentle folks,  and I should also add too that last week ends offerings that I missed. Alas no w**k on the waterfront project for me, though I have been w**king away from home in a port city.
My Dad had some back problems (off and on) a bit when he was older (though not so much toward the last years of his life, mercifully). I won an Athearn cement mixer truck on that auction site (to give my Medusa Cement place two trucks for their booming business, of course). We consider it fortunate that I won a PBS bid on the travel auction on PBS for cheap for The Turtle Bay resort {N shore Oahu} in 2005! All in all it does prove that Rome and marvellous scratch built black shops weren’t built in a day. I like to hang out with fellows like him when I have time in some of the narrower regions of the interwebz. The chop simply involve cutting a scale foot off the base of the cab after removing the steps to reapply after the cut is made. We were planning on going North to Edmonton today which is about a 2 hr drive but with the winter storm warning, it's not going to happen. We had a deal a little over a year ago where one of our friends drivers got hurt and hospitalized and they wouldn't even acknowledge to his crew as to where he was.
Things not quite so full on this time so had the time to assemble this kit, that I had bought 2nd hand unbuilt at a train show a while back, at my lodgings in the evenings. Some people just write short, specifically-to-one-Diner kind of posts, for maybe that very reason.
Now, if I can get the oddball mixer truck #3 re-painted to match these two, they'll be set at Medusa! Doesn't matter who hits TOP, even me, I get my usual steak and lobster dinner out of it. I'm relieved to know he has not been able to comunicate by computer because his computer was not working. THouhg, as I have said before, you don't have to be religious  or believe in a diety to belive in the healing power of prayer and Prayer candles!
My Other Half wears Hawaiian florals too!I used to have some of those Hawaiian flowery shirts from the last time there in the 80's.
They hadn't been used in a long time and like our locos the lube dries up, metal tarnishes or corrodes and strange things happen to solder joints.

Haven't had much time for that lately, so it is great to see the advanced, as wellas every sort of skill level short of that, every time in WPF. The Hauff brothers conversion (July 2008 RMC) included this, but I omitted it when I narrowed the mechanisms, etc. The front wall of the cab needs to be notched up a little more and new holes drilled for the handrails along the hopod where they go in the front of the cab.
Today after laying track last week for my coal mine, I thought why don't I have a through track instead of another stub track. I wasn't sure if the different keyboards were compatible so I did a pin-out check on them and they have the exact same pin assignments. The medical forms we fill out at the track now have been amended to allow crew access (once filled out and signed by the driver) to information though not specific medical details. So I had a high starch meal to get the level back up then took my evening meds minus the pill I take for my diabetes. Applesauce, cottage cheese, and a few other odds and ends of  things do not make a meal. I also finished converting a third loco, which is till undergoing tuning and hope to finish another one some time soon.
The good new is the next 5 days will have temps in the 50s, so most of the sn*w shold melt away!! No insulin injection tonight.I often wondered if the 2064 and 2128 keyboards were compatible. A bit of sanding and it looks much better.Had rain falling off and on throughout the day and about the last thing I was going to was go outside. We went PAY AS YOU GO> EVerything we did, bought, ate, was all paid for when we came home, NONE charged on charge cards. It took us nearly a year to get there from the auction date, but worth the wait and paid for!

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