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Probably would be a bit easier to offer advice if it was a bit clearer what kind of switching layout you were looking for - location, era, theme. I love to see Stein's input in your thread, as on small yards in another, I am missing a bit what you have come up with. As they say Southern Railway on the side it is more than likely the model period is after the 1923 grouping when the Southern Railway came in to being. There is also an independent branchline to a harbour (Glenthorne Harbour Authority) and here I operate a varied selection of locomotives, many of them semi freelance. Wonderful stuff, just amzing work, done with great restraint and thought given to the creative process. We never operate the layout manually except for testing and just prefer to watch as the laptop with RR&Co does all of the work! I find your use of art and art technique quite effective and perhaps that may make some converts to the the idea art has a role in the hobby. All my railcars depict diesel electric power units using the Sulzer units availabe at that epoch.
The silver finish was applied by McLaren formula one and is the same paint used on their cars. My steam engines are mostly based on the Bachmann N scale class 08 shunter using ROCO valve gear that can be purched alone.

I am most happy to answer any questions but my responses are slow due to moderation at present. This was a real station on the Lynton and Barnstaple as is modelled during the great snow storm of 1934.
I model in HOn3, but have found a very nice little chassis in the very modern Liliput Gemeinder Bo-Bo diesel.
A turnout with the rest of the tracks in the middle of your layout so you have some space left for a lead.
BTW  if I knew you wanted an urban freight scene, I would have never come up with a rural disign by CJ Freezer. Got no idea if he and his companion call themselves artists or not, but if you follow his narration it is absolutely suffused with art concepts and techniques.
They are quite ficticious but a number of narrow gauge railcars did have power cars as machinary at that tie was much larger and noisier.
It's produced in 9 mm gauge, but has conversion wheelsets and contacts available to convert to 12 mm gauge. The road engine can do it, but you will see that they are not as agile as the switch engines. With the one extra foot you could add two small industries left of the roadcrossing or make the existing plants larger.

Yes, most of it involves visual art techniques, because after all model railroading is a medium that is primarily visual. It is our intention to immerse the viewer in the scene and we use ambient and train sounds, smell and a VDU that explains what is going on. Many in wheelchairs or little people and children never get to see some layouts at exhibition.
The Bachmann outside frame chassis is excellent and many have now travelled more than ten actual miles! But it also extends to his discuission of concept, operations, and an interprative portrayal of something that never was, but could have been. There's also a quite modern cab-control car, for push pull service, and trailer cars associated with it, all of Austrian prototype.

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