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A few days ago, I finished a coaling station for the narrow gauge servicing area on the Boothbay Railway Village layout.
Seneca lake, Ontario, and Western 0-6-0 #135 is all the way out to the yard limit switching a long string of boxcars in the Hopewell Junction yard.
LION is home, and since no one has yet opend the diner door yet this morning, let me be the foist to dew so. I may not be Galaxy, but I'll try to give you quote and a word of the day until he comes back. I was so indulged in watching some fascinating steam videos all day, I nearly forgot to drop by. Best get myself moving, Haver a lot I need to get done this afternoon before i head out to the party. We will have a stack o cakes, sausage d'wildebeest, and a half dozen eggsies over easy.
This area of the layout is very track-heavy with some complex elevation changes, so it will be a good long while before I have completed scenes to share.  But I should be running trains across the new area of the layout and accross the bridges very shortly!
When I did my tall steel trestle I built the thing and then I cut the plaster piers to aprox. Almost directly below on the Silverton just before the bridge to the right is a Shinohara turnout that is one end of the Tefft siding. Because the backside of the building will be never seen where I plan to install the building on the layout, I build a big front wall building by using all the walls of the kit.
I also scratchbuild some custom details and will give the illusion the building is build on different level following the ground.

Mike, Nice pictures and a good idea for grades, I remember Linn Westcott writing about that a long time ago.
An Athearn 86' Hi-Cube Boxcar, removed the cast on grabs and replaced with ladders to more give the car a Thrall Built look.
Another Athearn 86' Hi-Cube, on this one I removed the cast on grabs and replaced with wire grabs. Rule 3: Illuminating discussion of prototype history, equipment and operating practices is always welcome, but in the event of visitor-perceived anacronisms, detail descrepancies or operating errors, consult RULE 1!
If you'd like to see more, you can follow the whole step-by-step on this project in the In-ko-pah Railroad thread in this forum.
A pair of Santa Fe FP-45s at the head of passenger consist pass under the Route 32 overpass to the delight of a group of rail fans. Bear, Thanks for the WPF start and the moving pictures, caught a glimpse of Thomas the Tank making a run thru.
While the rail car and the 4-axle electric still perform satisfactorily (but not good), the 6-axle loco is acting up. Told you folks why I have not posted as much as normal, how work went Saturday, Paul showing up and so forth.
I also used Micro Engineering bridge track and added my own scratch-built guard rails and points, and timer guards. Your skills are rapidly improving, as it seems like every week your pics just get better and better. Almost makes you think about using a mirror, if it's to cross a body of water, as the surface underneath, just so visitors can see all the detail.

This shot shows a train descending the last bit of the Cascade Branch to reach the junction at Tefft with the Silverton Branch. I needed a hand brake to hold trains going southbound while the motive power switches in Purgatory.
Car was in service to the Brownstown Ford Stamping Plant, hence the BRO on the car side, plant was located on the DT&I. Looks peaceful now, but I spent a lot of quality time in that area this week to make it reliably possible. Finally broke down and soldered a short jumper from the pivot reivet of the points back to rail with a feeder soldered to it.
Almost done except the team track (left of the picture) and a small removable industrial siding (far left). Painted the car with Floquil PC Green and Platinum Mist Paints and lettered with Microscale Decals.
I did get about a 4 foot section cleared out, but I could not pull the remaing plants toward me?

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