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Published: Monday, November 22, 2010Download the model railroad track plan for this HO scale model train layout. Associate editor Steve Otte shows some of the structure highlights on the layout and provides some painting tips.
The model has a smooth-running mechanism, easily handles tight-radius curves, and can be converted to Digital Command Control. Inside this issue you'll learn how to model a harbor industrial district, get tips for modeling modern freight cars, find out how to use basswood for realistic scale model structures, and much more! The layout is inspired by mining operations in Southern California during the 1960s and 1970s.
Editor Neil Besougloff also plugs in a power pack and runs the Zephyr passenger train to test out the layout's track wiring.
Look for more show coverage next week.HO scale locomotivesSouthern Pacific MT-4 4-8-2 steam locomotive. Sharing the LARC acronym, the Brown's Lehigh Alliance of Rail Carriers was in the August 2006 MR before a house fire destroyed the layout in 2008. Follow along as associate editor Eric White shows you highlights of this 4 x 6-foot model railroad. Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, detailed boiler backhead, and McHenry magnetic knuckle couplers. Railroad-specific details, eight-pin Digital Command Control plug, and Accumate magnetic knuckle couplers. Canadian Pacific, Chicago & North Western (green-and-yellow or Operation Lifesaver paint schemes), CSX, and GATX Leasing.
Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, etched-metal details, detailed cab interior with crew figures, and Accumate magnetic knuckle couplers. Bethlehem Steel (yellow and black), plus four unlettered paint schemes: yellow with black safety stripes, black, red, and green. Bethlehem Steel (P&BR reporting marks), Great Northern, Lehigh Valley, Pacific Electric (electrified version with trolley poles), Southern Pacific (electrified with trolley poles, one road number), and Western Pacific.
Dual-mode Digital Command Control decoder, dual flywheels, and Kadee magnetic knuckle couplers.
MFX digital decoder with sound, detailed cab interior with crew figures, and freestanding light-emitting-diode lamps. Wood and glass display case includes photo backdrop by railroad photographer Carl Bellingrodt.
21-pin Digital Command Control decoder plug, directional lighting, and optional smoke generator. Digital Command System with sound, smoke generator synchronized to wheel revolution, five-pole skew-wound motor with flywheels, and magnetic knuckle couplers. Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Chicago North Western, Denver & Rio Grande Western, CSX, EMD demonstrator, Kansas City Southern, Missouri-Kansas-Texas, Missouri Pacific, Montana Rail Link, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, and Western Pacific. Digital Command System with Proto-Sound 3.0, five-pole skew-wound motor with flywheels, and magnetic knuckle couplers.

Dual-mode Digital Command Control decoder with sound, working rubber diaphragms, and detailed and lighted interiors. Great Northern (Oriental Limited), Union Pacific (Overland), Pennsylvania (Broadway Limited), and Southern (Crescent Limited). Metal RP-25 contour wheels, wire grab irons and truss rods, and body-mounted McHenry magnetic knuckle couplers. Railway Post Office, express car (with or without conductor's window), 52-seat coach (with straight or notched side sills) (shown), 48-seat diner, Pullman-Standard Super Dome, 26-seat lounge, 30-seat "Valley" series parlor car, and "Rapids" series skytop lounge. Modeler-applied wire grab irons, RP-25 contour metal wheelsets, and Proto-Max magnetic knuckle couplers. Etched metal running boards, RP-25 contour metal wheelsets, and McHenry magnetic knuckle couplers.
Xpress Enterprises, and Werner Enterprises (two differently numbered two-packs each, plus painted white but unlettered; pre-production model shown). Armour Shortening, Central Soya, Cotton Belt, Mid-Am Equipment, and Poole Chemical (with Type 10 saddles); Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers, General American Transportation Corporation (1996 WX scheme), GATX (1989 EC scheme), Packerland Packing, and Vegetable Products Company (with Type 20 saddles). Add $6.50 shipping for orders under $85, $12 shipping for orders between $85 and $150, free shipping for orders over $150.
Includes decals and safety equipment (ladders, running boards, and stirrups) for both as-built and post-refit styles. New York Central (with regular or side-door trailers), NIFX (with Milwaukee Road trailers, regular or side-door trailers), Penn Central, and Pittsburgh & Lake Erie. Burlington Northern, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Canadian National, Chattahoochee Industrial RR, CSX, Great Northern, Milwaukee Road, Norfolk Southern, Northern Pacific, Union Pacific, and Western Pacific. Fully assembled and wired, Digital Command Control-compatible, with working deck lights and optional warning light. Rear light cluster set for Southern Pacific Electro-Motive Division diesels, flat or angled back, cast pewter, $2.99. Chicago & North Western (green and yellow), Conrail, CSX (YN2 scheme), Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific, and undecorated.
Conrail, CSX, Missouri Pacific, and Union Pacific (two road numbers each), plus undecorated. Four-car set includes locomotive, two coaches, and observation car; three-coach add-on sets to come.
Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, detailed and lighted interiors, and working diaphragms. Con-Cor InternationalN scale freight cars1,958-cubic-foot-capacity two-bay covered hoppers. Die-cast metal bodies, etched-metal running boards, and Micro-Trains magnetic knuckle couplers. Burlington Northern, Burlington Northern Santa Fe (mineral red or "Swoosh" scheme), and Canadian National. Schneider National RoadRailer platewall trailer, available in single pack, two-pack, three-pack, and five-pack with Coupler Mate, prices to be announced.

Direct-current model with eight-pin Digital Command Control plug, $549; DCC with QSI sound), $649. Twin flywheel-equipped motors, road-specific details, exhaust unit, and scale die-cast knuckle couplers. Roller-bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps, pipe load with tie-downs, and die-cast trucks and couplers.
Atlas OZ scale locomotivesGuilford Rail Systems Electro-Motive Division GP9 diesel locomotive.
Positionable chute and coal bucket, asphalt-textured roofing material, and simple construction. Kadee Quality Products Co.Multiple-scale freight carsNorfolk Southern-type TopGon coal hopper. MacOS- and Windows-compatible USB device and accompanying software creates, manages, tests, and downloads sound projects to SoundFX decoders, as well as programming decoders' configuration variables.
Also provides interface between computer and decoder for third-party software such as Decoder Pro and Railroad & Co. Model Rectifier Corp.Digital Command Control decoder for HO scale General Electric U23B diesel locomotive. Model Rectifier Corp.Digital Command Control decoder for N scale Life-Like C-Liner diesel locomotive. Provides synchronized steam chuffs or diesel motor sounds for alternating-current train layouts without DCS, TMCC, or onboard sound. Provides synchronized steam chuffs or diesel motor sounds for direct-current or Digital Command Control train layouts without onboard sound. Motorized chain moves magnets under an acrylic platform, on top of which objects to be animated (figures, vehicles, or other items) attached to a magnet can be made to follow the path traced by the belt. Motor can be wired for control by direct-current rheostat or Digital Command Control accessory decoder. Standard eight-pin interface plug and directional golden-white light-emitting-diode lighting.
Version 3.6 update for LZV, LH90 and LH100 systems will add programming ability for functions F0 through F28, allow reading configuration variables (CVs) on the main, improve database support, and other functions.
Timberline Scenery Co.Also announced this week, but not appearing at NTS 2008Large scale train setsG scale steam train set. German National Railways (with European-prototype locomotive and two ore hoppers), New York Central (with two-bay coal hopper and wood caboose), and Union Pacific (with 40-foot steel boxcar and wood caboose). Sets include 0-6-0T steam tank engine, two cars, 4-foot-diameter circle of brass track, and power supply.

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