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Remember, 2’x4’ HO model train layout is small and does not provide the flexibility to grow your layout.
One of the main reasons why model train beginners tend to start off with a 4’x8’ HO train layout is because building it is very easy and it also provides enough flexibility to grow your layout. Some model train enthusiasts prefer to use a single model train on their layout that serves multiple purposes from picking up passengers on their way to work, all the way up to being used a freight train for supplies for the town. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! John Allena€™s Gorre & Daphetid HO layout has been called a€?Americaa€™s most influential model railroada€? and this book is the complete history of the development and construction of that layout, along with others John built. Scenes from the world's greatest model railroad exhibition, called Miniatur Wunderland in Germany. 4’x8’ plywood sheets are readily available and do not take up an incredible amount of space.

This is because after experience, they soon realize that it is too small for a proper model railroad layout.
Set up the grid paper scale based on your own preference, I always find it better to use big sheets of paper that can be found at elementary schools. The most important aspect of HO train layouts that are customized for a single train is the switchers.
Ita€™s in a newly revised and expanded edition with 160 pages, 100 color and 124 black and white photos, track plans and diagrams. One suggestion is to start with a 4’x8’ model train layout first and build it out the tracks small first and add to it accordingly.
Some others reasons besides size include the fact that curves for tracks are too tight, which does not allow the model trains to turn properly as well.
If you currently have grandchildren or know teachers that work at elementary schools, try to ask them for larger grid paper.

Road switchers such as diesel based RS3 and EMD GP series and smaller Mogul and Atlantic types for steam is a crucial decision for HO railroading. 2’x’4’ is not a bad size for a N or Z gauge starter layout but will not do an HO gauge justice. It is just like getting your haircut, once its cut you cannot change it but if the barber starts off cutting it off slow, you can manage and customize it as you see fit.

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