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Informative Daily Blog with diverse modeling topics related to miniature railroading, such as 15" gauge live steam, HO, N, ON30 and Garden scales. Denny's blog covering his N scale layout representing a portion of the Southern Pacific Coast Line in Central California between Callender and Surf, including the Guadalupe yard, set in the early 1970s. Metal replacement wheelsets in a variety of sizes and precision as drop in replacements for commercial plastic wheels. Daryl: I live in southern Ontario Canada hence my interest in Canadian Railroads especially of the steam or first generation diesel era.
Daryl: Thanks, I really enjoy the look of good hand laid track and I can appreciate anyone who takes the time to do hand laid track.
Daryl: I will be starting to weather some of my equipment soon with my air gun and a variety of techniques. Nice work Tim, I just coming from your blog where I follow the construction story of the Bronx Terminal since his beginning.
The terminal has an interesting backstory with many innovative solutions to space problems, such as the round freight house and complex trackwork to allow it to fit into the 2 acres available along the Harlem River.
19 Years old, modeling the Cowlitz, Chehalis, and Cascade Railroad of Western Washington in 1927 in 6X6 feet. I do really understand the attraction to an area where mountain railroading, rail-marine operations and yard activities can be enjoyed close together. On his current Rio Grande Moffat layout Mike Dannemann also included very deep scenes, beside a huge yard.
One last remark, I have the feeling you designed your layout with custom made turnouts.
I plan on building the bottom area first (Binney Jct, Live Oak, Oronille Quincy Jct), This will allow running an oval using the Wye connection at Binney Jct.

After being away from the hobby for nearly twenty years I have come back to it about a month ago. I've decided to go with a very close version to the final version suggested by Shortliner and modified by flue there, but with extensions into the middle of the layout with additional industry service. N-Scale standard gaugeUrban and Industrial switching area designed for FUN operation along with a basic continuous running track that looks nice and has room for scenery.
I'm not going to be running too many different consists and engines at one time but will definitely be going with DCC.
Would anyone have suggestions on what might be an appealing layout for this small space and someone who will essentially be building his own layout for the first time?I want a fun, layout that I can learn on and make mistakes on as I gain experience in the hobby again but that will hold my operating interests while doing so. Thanks in advance and thanks for all of the interesting threads on layout planning the past month or so as I have been lurking.
North Bank would be more urban with 4 story town buildings, while River Junction would stay rural. It worked for me,  helped me work out some yard and industry track arrangements, and just what would fit in a given area.
I've been pondering it and I can give space away space on the Pasco side because I was going to have a small yard there. If you want to keep the roundhouse, why not make most of your layout a engine servicing facility? If you would like to keep your roundhouse, why not build an extension off to the side and have it on that so it doesn't hog space on the main part? Do you really need a turntable - I know it is an eye catcher, but in the Diesel era you can go without it. I can also shorten turnouts to save space like in the N scale insights a couple issues ago.

There is a post on my blog of my Grandfathers current layout which is smaller but further along with more scenery. I have been redecalling some cars in the Canadian names as not much is available on the market these days at a reasonable price. Plus I enjoy doing it! Not only while constructing this huge area, also while operating and for maintenance you will need easy and long access to the tracks. That way, you can have all your locomotive servicing on a separate module and would be easier to work with leaving you more room on the 4X6. I was going to eliminate some of the tracks around it and possibly shift both of them to the left so I could have a small parking lot for employees and engine crews alike.
The lead to the turntable should not act as a yard lead - the way you have drawn it, you won´t be able to pull out more than just 1-2 cars out of the yard. How did trucks go out from the freighthouse, via bridge? Are the tracks on an island, or on shore? Especially since i foresee a lot of switching on curved tracks on this part of the layout. It could be wise, considering your physical situation, to do as much as possible on a workbench, where you can have easy access to minute details. If the OP has some space left, which he may occupy even only temporarily, he can add two cassettes for staging to the left of the layout - just as MR did in their project. I am continuing to refine my track skills with curved turnouts and more complex track designs.

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