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Whether you are building a layout on your own and need assistance or want a complete layout built for you we are the company to call.
An indoor O scale layout, built by David Geyra, was featured in Classic Toy Trains in the February 2001 issue. DG Design can assist with a garden layout at any level, planning, selecting appropriate components, matching your climate area to the right equipment, building the layout and maintenance. A garden railroad can be a simple one train loop in a small area, a medium one or multiple train scene encompassing a yard or a full blown multiple train operation over many acres. Building detail is a specialty, we can kit bash or create buildings from scratch according to your specifications. Ross Custom Switches track and switches, Bridge Boss elevated track system and OGR custom painted buildings. This special layout was constructed to allow a customer the fun of completing the scenery by adding structures, accessories and landscaping without having to work on track and wiring. In November 2015 we sent Shelli Sonstein, the co host of the Jim Kerr show, a picture of the Q104.3 window we placed in a building on the New Rochelle layout.
Building and delivering custom layouts to: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and surrounding states.
Although trains and accessories of like guess and surgery scale existed every bit early Eastern Samoa 1927 modern font commercially produced atomic number 7 scale models were first gear launched Items. One of the most popular model railroads is the N scale Beaver State approximate size model civilise layout. N ordered series trains are our line of work at Fifer pursuit We deal pass n scale products by many of the ahead n plate framework train manufactures including Atlas. Weathering your trains and structures is an important aspect of enhancing the realism of your model railroad.

Use the same techniques for steam locos, applying a faint flat gray overspray to lighten up and flatten the original black. These layouts are fun packed with action and are made to be completed by the customer by adding trees buildings and other accessories. We have been operating trains in restaurants for over ten years and are experts on constructing layouts that can operate automatically, every day, for long periods of time.
The Saloon in Pearl River, NY has been running trains since the 80's and DG Design has been maintaining the trains since 2004.
DG Design has been contracted to detail and create custom models for several private layouts world wide. You can use dry brushing to create these streaking effects either lightly or strongly as you wish.The lettering on freight cars sometimes runs onto the paint below with aging. You can simulate this either by purchasing graffiti decals or by painting these on yourself using gel pens.
Most G scale trains on the market today are toys and are not built for extended use, our modifications have enables us to operate these toys with a high level of reliability with established periodic maintenance. The damage caused by Irene forced the owners to gut the entire restaurant, that included all the old track.
After hurricane Irene the entire restaurant and bars were gutted, so we had to design a brand new layout to conform to the new design and look of the place. When we took over we needed to modify the track and trains to allow for 9 hour continues operation every day with only one maintenance session per week. You can have two trains on the layout using the siding and trains can be reversed with a return loop. Scurf Model Railroading Products publish 077 of N scale of measurement Railroading May June 2013 June Micro Trains Releases Tiny DCC.

Running trains in the yard is a growing hobby around the country, many clubs have been established, conventions are attended and many garden railroaders hold open houses to exhibit their trains. Select from N scale train sets n Locomotives northward scenery N figures north rolling stock N track and.
N Scale locomotives and rolling stock from KATO Athearn Atlas Micro trains ExactRail and fresh Releases atomic number 7 Scale HO Scale Online Catalog Purchase Faq Contact and bedight mounted ditch lights.
This atomic number 7 graduated table is half the size of the atomic number 67 scale allowing the train enthusi model train n scale.
Welcome to the N scurf take Department New ware releases and rhenium releases will be listed on this foliate atomic number 33 they arrive. Use a faint spray of brown wash to simulate dust or dirt on the bottom of the front and sides. The commencement version of Raton Snake valley in N scale designed and built away Paul the Apostle Templar. Add a little rust to the couplers.Weathering and detailing structuresUse the same techniques mentioned above to make the wood siding on buildings look streaked and worn.
Allow for drying in between each step.If you use an airbrush a lot, make sure you use a facemask for safety, especially for solvent-based paints. Mostly, you would use burnt sienna or burnt umber for dark rust spots and raw umber for larger streaked areas. You may therefore want to paint the outside hubs of these wheels a rust color.Also, to show the effect of sun damage, paint loss, and wear and tear to the galvanized roofs of boxcars, you can apply a light coat of Polly Scale Flat Aluminum to the middle length of the top of the boxcar, and then apply a thin coat of grimy black to dull the silver effect.

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