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1924: A "model railway" model of part of the Post Office's dedicated miniature underground railway system for moving mail and parcels between PO sites, below the streets of London.
While Bassett-Lowke's "consumer" business was composed of outdoor railways, indoor railways and model ships (and later Trix tabletop railways), along with plans, parts and accessories, they also had a "business-to-business" business supplying high-quality bespoke exhibition models. Large showcase models might be displayed at public exhibitions where British industry would have stands showing off their latest plant, factories or machinery, partly as general publicity, and partly as a way of drumming up business.
Shipping companies, having spent a lot of money on a luxury liner, would find their executives in the odd position of perhaps hardly ever seeing the actual ships, which would be in port or at sea and not parked alongside the office, so having a very expensive and gorgeously detailed display model would remind execs (and important visitors and clients) what the company actually did. Companies building new factories or redeveloping docks would want an architectural model, not just to act as a focus for the project, but as something to show to the public and to potential financial backers. Exhibition models were also eyecatching objects in their own right - someone who might walk past a real car or lorry on display, might stop to look at a scale model (especially if it had cutaways or moving parts) because of the extra element of curiosity in seeing how a model had been executed. Bassett-Lowke's first proper exhibition model was produced in 1912, and Ernest Twining was brought in in 1913, moving to Northampton to set up Twining Models and expand the business. Bassett-Lowke was able to provide a "front end" and "one-stop shop" for companies needing a prestigious model. B-L build a quarter-inch-to-the-foot (1:48) model signalling instruction table constructed to the order of the Great Western Railway. Special model of the latest Great Northern Railway locomotive was ordered by the Duke of Zaragoza, Spain. A working model railway designed and built for the East Coast Joint Stock Railways, Brussels Exhibition, awarded the Diploma of Honour. Two special models of locomotives built for the Crown Agents for the Colonies for presentation to the Emir of Zaria and the Emir of Katsena, Nigeria. For the Glasgow Exhibition a complete Gauge 2 electrically operated model railway built for the Great Northern, North Eastern and North British Railway Companies combined exhibit. Fleet of working model battleships ranging from 12 to 20 feet long built for the Imperial Services Exhibition, Earls Court. Special model of the site and foundation stone for Port Sunlight Garden City, for the foundation-stone laying ceremony performed by King George V.
Full-size replica of the front few feet of the "Royal Scot" used for Model Engineer Exhibition stand.

Huge 21-foot long model of the RMS "Empress of Britain" ocean liner, for the "Canadian Pacific" exhibit in the Lord Mayor’s Show.
Working electrically-driven scale model, one sixteenth of an inch to the foot (1:192), of Harwich-Zeebrugge train ferry and the dock at Harwich (Antwerp Exhibition, British Section). Series of sectional _models of the RMS "Empress of Britain" for the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Quarter-inch-scale model presented to the driver of the "Royal Scot" during official visit to Northampton. Quarter-inch-scale model of part of the London Underground system for the London Passenger Transport Board.
Three-quarter-inch scale model of a de luxe tourist car for Great Indian Peninsular Railway, modelled in section. Exhibition model railway for the four British Groups for the British Empire Exhibition, Glasgow.
Three eighth-inch-scale models of "Dominion Monarch" for the Shaw, Savill and Albion Company.
Quarter-inch-scale model coal mine and surface workings for British Mining Association, for the British Empire Exhibition, Glasgow. The Bassett-Lowke factory was completely occupied with modelmaking throughout the Second World War. In the closing stages of the war, permission was given for the company to start supplying models for post-war developments in town planning and re-housing schemes, and, in support of the anticipated export drive, many models of new designs were made for the Rootes Group of car companies. Brighton Toy and Model Museum is a World-class repository and display environment for early toys and models situated under Brighton Railway Station, on England's South Coast.
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This was built by Bassett-Lowke for display at the 1929 Model Engineer Exhibition to promote their own model railway locomotives.

A company whose business was luxury liners would tend to want a display model that looked as expensive as possible, an extreme example being Cunard's commissioned 1:48-scale B-L model of the Queen Elizabeth liner, which was over twenty-one feet long. Someone who was not particularly interested in, say, a sewage-processing plant might still be quite fascinated by a model of a sewage plant, if it showed impressive craftsmanship. BL could agree the specification and price and delivery timescale and then organise the project with whichever contractors seemed most suitable, or whoever had the right combination of skills, equipment and availability.
A considerable proportion of the work was of a highly confidential nature, but amongst the more famous war-time developments first modelled in Northampton were the Ingles Bridge, the Bailey Bridge, the Mulberry Harbour, every type of landing and assault craft, and new types of vehicles, armaments and other equipment. Industrial re-building and re-equipment of factories, town planning and re-building schemes, new products for home sale and export required a medium for publicity which could be readily understood by both technical and non-technical people. The museum is a Registered Charity (1001560), and depends on volunteers, ticket sales, donations and bequests. The absence of any condition or condition report does not mean, or imply, that the lot is free from any damage or restoration.
In theory, clients could approach B-L's subcontractors directly, but this would mean losing the flexibility of a project-managing company that could assign work to different studios as required. If you require a condition report, please click on the Enquire about this lot button on the lot details page. We are talking about 5 inch track and 7¼ inch gauge at the world's largest indoor live steam railroad meeting in Germany. B-L also had an obvious financial stability, and had very nice showrooms (including one in Central London) where company boardmembers could come and marvel at the craftsmanship of some of the pieces on display, and leave totally satisfied that their premium-priced exhibition model project was in safe hands.
At that exhibition there are steamships, steam engines, steam model engineering, steam-powered road vehicles and steam locomotives.

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