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Earlier in the week I had also printed out some images of Eastern mountain ranges including the Appellation and Blue Ridge mountains and applied them to the back of a large piece of foam board for reference material.
I first took some chalk and marked up a general outline of where I wanted the mountains to fit in. Then with the same paint I added more Payne's gray acrylic paint with the addition of some Hooker's green and a touch of Cadmium blue and hint of black, all the added tints are acrylic paints. At this point I added more Hooker's Green some more black and some Cadmium blue and stirred it up really well then painted in the next-closest range. The finished results were captured the next day after all was dried in the images below, click on images for a larger view.
You did a primo job on that, Ryan!  I'd have liked to do something similar on mine, but I model an area of Northern Ohio near Lake Erie - not many mountains there! Mark, yes in fact you are the first to mention the shadows that show up especially in the third photo.
The blue color was picked out from a selection of color swatches that I matched to how the sky looks in from local photographs under train room lighting.

As far as brushes go you will want to have a variety of shapes and sizes to accomplish different tasks.
I took notes and also made a list of paints and brushes I needed to ensure I was up to speed on creating my mountain scenery. Driving back from our Thanksgiving vacation through I-40 through the mountain ranges just east of the Smoky Mountains got me fired up and inspired to get the ball rolling with the backdrop.
Starting from the bottom and working from the closest mountains I chalked in lines for each range, finishing with the distant and smaller appearing mountains. I ran out of paint on this range and had to start up a whole batch of sky blue and then finished the foreground hills with a deep green color that consisted mostly of the latex sky blue some Hooker's green acrylic, some Cadmium blue and a hint of black. Currently the upper deck is not completly built so various temporary lighting fixtures are casting many a shadow. The sky blue was then matched at Lowe's Home Improvement and is an interior flat latex paint.
So with the list in hand I went to Michael's Arts and Crafts supply store Sunday afternoon and returned home with a mission, about two hours later I had my first layer of mountains chalked in and painted for the west and south sections of the lower deck.

While I did not get to capture some images of the rock outcroppings I did get some ideas from one section of mountain where the outcroppings were at 45 degree angles and layered with sections of soil and rock.
Then using some of the original latex blue sky paint I added a small bit of Payne's gray acrylic paint to darken and tone down the blue slightly. Eventually once the upper deck benchwork is built I will install lighting that should eliminate the current shadow effect due to some of the existing upper deck brackets that I have installed. This reminded me of the technique some folks use with ceiling tiles, this will be the focus of another section of the layout scenery that I will used to help blend in the backdrop in a future project. Starting with the most-distant-mountains I used a number 8 round brush and stroked in the four or five distant mountains.
I had already set up the backdrop months ago and painted an initial layer of sky blue and even put in a few clouds, now it was time to put in the mountains.

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