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On February 21, 2015 By JustinN ?2.49 Designer – Graham Smith Product Description A low relief British T2 type aircraft hangar, commonly seen all around the UK during WWII with some still surviving to this day.
The world's largest model railway is Germany's "Miniature Wonderland" taking 1,300 square meters of model area. Come and browse our well-stocked model shop where we have a large selection of model trains, diecast cars and planes, Airfix model kits and railway books.

This easy to build kit comes complete with a choice of wall finishes (brick, corrugated iron & concrete).
So much so, that if you're not entirely satisfied with your purchase you can obtain a full refund within 7 days of your original purchase, no questions asked! On this web site, there are the photos of the "Amazing HO scale Car System and Knuffingen Section".

The model railway layout is divided into eight sections: 1) America and the United States on 100 square meters, 2) Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) on 300 square meters, 3) The city of Hamburg on 200 square meters, 4) The fictitious city of Knuffingen on 120 square meters, 5) Harz and central Germany on 120 square meters, 6) Knuffingen Airport on 150 square meters, 7) Austria, Bavaria and the Alps on 100 square meters and 8) Switzerland on 250 square meters.

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