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Collection: Subway TrainsMy layout includes a mostly-underground Subway Line, so it needs some appropriate subway trains.
A hot tip for all guests who want to visit us weekdays: also in reality chances are very good to find parking space underneath the U-Bahn (Underground) viaducts close to "Baumwall" station.
Judging from the available space in the open air bath, it seems we don't have summer holidays or high temperatures - or could it be that most inhabitants (as in real life) are out to spend a day at the beach?
Even though the left side of town already looks very pleasant, we have a complete different picture in direction Central Station: Bridges need to be completed, the town area with its office buildings makes only slow progress, and scenery in the background will also take a lot of time to be only close to finished.

As all building in our layout, this highrise also needs more than one wire to be realistically illuminated. The theme for the Hamburg fair grounds is also found: a boating fair attracts people to stroll through the halls and open air exhibitions. And should bad luck strike: the garage Baumwall underneath the promenade (Entry is close to Landungsbrucken) offers plenty of space! Not quite prototypical, we painted the catenary wires a middle grey tone instead of dark gray.

As such, I’ll probably limit it to running in the tunnels of the Subway line, and not as run-though service with the above-ground commuter line (which is supposed to be a narrow-gauge, overhead-power, line typical of TA?kyA? commuter lines). For this use, it was equipped with emergency exit doors at each end, as well as being slightly modified in shape from a standard E231.

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