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By coincidence, another method of doing faded signs arrived via Model Railroad Hobbyist the other day.
I suppose one could use any sign one wanted whereas it seems Sankey and Ghost Signs only offer what they've produced. Or to reply to an individual post, or to include images, attachments and formatted text,click the Quote or Reply buttons on each post above. The buildings are scratchbuilt using a variety of materials, principally card & plasticard.
The Uckfield Model Railway Club Limited is a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales, No.
I think I start a picture thread as often I like to take photos but not all do fit into my layout thread. Just picked up two copies of "Your Model Railway Village" magazine by hachette Partworks Ltd. Would it be possibly if you could get some close up photo of the coach you have got, usually the stuff that comes with magazines can be stock that has been reject by a company (such as bachmann or hornby) and therefore sold off cheap to the magazine as it has no brand name or meets the quality of brand named stock, I got a feeling by the look of it that its bachmann coaches that have not passed the quality checks. Usual after the first four issues they no longer stock the magazine at newsagents and only those who have subscribed to the magazine will continue to receive, which is to stop people picking and choosing which copies of the magazine they purchase, which is unfortunate, but if the company didn't do this, everyone would buy the issue that comes with the Jinty loco for A?8.99 and they would make a massive loss.
The publisher will get the very good news that issue 1 has sold out at a record pace (some people bought several issues for the coaches). All of that lovely new rolling stock will have to be weathered before Poppy Lane's first public outing.

Wait until the Beyer-Garratt arrives at Poppy lane.  The residents are in for a surprise!
Gary, the mill is currently in a cupboard over SWMBO side of the bed.  They'll have to get past her first!
As I said on another thread I was travelling south to see the family and it just happened that the above show was being held in Peterborough a short distance away. On entry each ticket holder was entitled to a free British Railway Modeller and with 4 adults in my party picked up 4 books at a retail value of A?48.96 which to a Scotsman is music to my ears. I was able to attend the show on the Saturday and was pleasantly surprised how much space there was. I'm impressed with those locks Andy,knocked them up over Christmas eh!!,it took me months to do mine and i haven't even got the ladders in yet. I was wondering how realistic the lock and barge kit would turn out but you have answered that question in spades.
There seems to be little clearance between length of boats, and the distance between top, and bottom set of gates - beware of the 'cill'. I like the odd balls as they get you away from the norm and tend to encourage something truly individual.
Buy a Hornby Track mat, a DCC starter set with a Jinty and a few Metcalfe kits to save yourself a shed load of dosh! You also know that thos international terrorists  are after that mill of yours as well !

The viewing hall was very large and there was oodles of space between the rows of layouts and stalls. I should say at the outset I am not a professional and us ea "pint and press button" camera so apologies for the quality or the lack of it. Boy it can be fun watching 'newbies' tackle a 70 foot boat in a narrow 'cut' lock going 'down-hill', as long as they're behind me. I decided I had had a lucky streak and was cutting and running before I became another statistic.
To see your idea become reality, and in such a short space of time, has been thoroughly informative and enjoyable.
Got to admit that the place looked a bit empty but in chatting to some stallholders and exhibitors they said that it was busy. Although SWMBO was hovering around I didn't purchase anything worthwhile as I thought the prices were rather on the high side and nobody was offering any real bargains.
I am concentrating on my track at the moment, and I hope I can get it looking even half as fine as this!

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