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Frm the halcyon days of rail travel.Can you imagine if they were in use these days,it wouldn't be long before they were covered in grafitti.
Or to reply to an individual post, or to include images, attachments and formatted text,click the Quote or Reply buttons on each post above. Ok, having introduced myself, here as requested are some shots of my existing layout, together with a glimpse of "the promised land" where Peterborough Mk2 will shortly, I hope, replace it.
As I explained in my introductory thread, what happens next is really the fault of my mate Dave (Tetley). There is no view from the loft, and as it is in a listed building, I can't put velux windows in. After very exhaustive research, the only place I can find where all three would have appeared together in the '50's on a daily basis is Peterborough, so that is what it has to be. Well John B, in the case of Tony and Allan, I wanted things done to a much higher standard than I could ever achieve, so I rang them up! As I will explain more fully later, I have a fixation with the old ECML, which dates back to the mid to late '50's, when my teenage friends and I haunted the platforms of Retford and Grantham when pocket money and officialdom allowed. Another of my personal foibles is that I don't like imaginary names, so that route is ruled out.

It appears that if you include pictures from our Gallery in your post you must preview them first before sending. Compromise and compression are essential, but I venture to suggest that is true of all but the very smallest model railways anyway.
Of course, this creates a problem, as the ECML is basically unmodellable in small spare rooms. My personal requirement is that all the locos and rolling stock to be seen on any layout I build must have been seen together on a daily basis during the period I am trying to portray. I had already committed myself to model Spalding, which would allow me occasional main line diversions. There are some great people in this hobby, and I have found that even most of the "famous" ones are very approachable and helpful. I will post some pictures when I can work out why I can see them in photo gallery but they disappear when I hit "browse".
It was not a bad layout really, but I never really spent the time I should have up there operating it.
Well, I made up a story that things changed dramatically in the late 19th century, and that my set up was the result.

Why?  Although as you can see most of the usual drawbacks of lofts are missing ( this one for example has a five inch concrete raft for a floor), some things can't be avoided, notably temperature variations, dust and difficulty of access.
Then I tried to introduce real buildings into this imaginary scene, and created something which was neither one thing nor the other. I am basically idle, so any excuse to sit in my nice comfy recliner tends to be seized upon. But when it came to making a fresh start, a proper model of Peterborough North was what it had to be.
The main part of the loft is fine - 8ft 6 headroom - but crawling into subsiduary areas can be a painful experience.

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