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Adding any kind of movement to your Christmas village will inject a huge amount of interest and excitement for children, and the obvious choice for many is a miniature railway. Model trains really do come in all shapes and sizes, and so it is well worth considering all of the options available and the various implications before rushing in and purchasing your train and track. Scale is certainly an important consideration, and whilst the whole idea of trying to get everything in your Christmas village to be to the same kind of scale is a fairly personal thing, any layout will look a little strange if it has a giant train winding its way around your houses. Apart from being quite cheap when compared to model shop railways, the definite advantage with choosing a train set such as the Lemax one is that the track features sharp curves, meaning that the overall size is reduced and that it can easily fit on a simple table top. Whilst the train and track of a model Hornby railway is actually usually slightly smaller, the corners are much more gradual and therefore the layout always needs to be at least one metre deep. When laying out your Christmas village, it is a good idea to draw a little plan first, so that you have a basic idea of what you are trying to create and where things should be placed, particularly if a miniature railway is involved.
Obscuring parts of the track has the added advantage of surprise, particularly if a tunnel through a mountain is involved, although do bear in mind that easy access at all times is sensible, in case of potential derailing problems. If you really don't have space for a complete circuit of track, you can always just lay a short length and position the train as a static non-moving feature, in the same way that the figurines and cars don't move.
Finishing touches for a winter train set can include traffic signals created from bamboo kebab skewers painted black.
You may like to add in plenty of hedges to line the train track with, as well as shrubs formed from green reindeer moss and lots of trees, big and small. Practice wdl Interior Design was first engaged by Hamleys in 2000 to completely remodel the interior space of their world famous, seven-storey toy store. The central fifth floor area was removed, creating an atrium above the escalator tower, with a balcony seating area for a new café.
In February 2012 wdl was again engaged by Hamleys for a further £4m refurbishment project.
The project, completed in June, was carefully planned to allow the shop to stay open throughout its first refurbishment in 12 years and to be finished before the arrival in the city of an expected 5.5 million visitors a day for the Olympics. The refurbishment involved the repositioning of the majority of franchisees & suppliers in line with modern consumer trends. She has 10 acres of gardens, waterfalls, lakes, trestles, bridges, and replica towns and pastoral scenes, her Gloree & Tryumfant Garden Railway in North Barrington, Illinois, it’s no wonder they call her the Train Lady. Her work with trains has been seen in the Nieman Marcus Christmas book, in the lobby of Chicago’s Hancock Center, and in Tiffany & Co.
The half-inch G-scale trains ply a Japanese water garden with waterfalls, a pond garden, rose gardens, a Snoopy topiary built especially for Silets’ grandsons, and other floral landscapes. 26 April 2009A combined Steam Train Day, Model Railway Exhibition and Model Engineering display took place and proved to be very well attended.
The Model Engineering display was arranged by Westland & Yeovil District Model Engineering Society.

Conceived for railway layouts, but equally suitable for diecast model displays, dioramas, wargaming, playroom friezes and much more! The GalleryThe Backscenes in DetailThe originals of our backscenes are literally works of art, painted by Geoff in oils on individual canvases, scanned, and stitched together using computer graphics software by Neil.
The Backscenes in UseAs the commercial side of Quality Backscenes is a fairly new venture we have yet to receive many pictures of backscenes being used by our customers and we would encourage those of you who have bought from us to send us a few shots, so that we can post them in our Gallery and give you your moment of fame!However, we have received the picture below from Simon Pontin, an American 'N' gauge modeller from Webster, New York, who has used bespoke resizing of our medium No. We have also recently received a couple of shots from a Northern Irish client, modelling in 'OO' gauge, and who has used our large No. We have received the pictures below from a 'OO' gauge GWR modeller in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, for whom we produced a custom backscene from his own photographs. For example, would you prefer a battery powered train with a strong Christmas theme, or perhaps a more realistic miniature Hornby railway set with a variable speed control box and digital points?
Likewise, at the other end of the scale, a tiny train that is smaller than the actual people standing on the platform, waiting for it to arrive, is far from ideal.
Once you have covered your surface with the obligatory white snow cloth, lay your track next and consider hiding elements from view, so that the train is not visible all of the time.
Also be aware that adding a train can truly complicate things if you have limited space and potentially spoil the arrangement of the village.
Simply print this out on card, then cut and glue (or tape) together, before placing in the desired spot.
This remagicalisation included an overhead model railway, a talking book, animated displays and demo areas.
All eight existing escalators were removed in one operation, starting on a Saturday night after closing Regent Street and continuing through to Sunday lunch. This major revamp incorporated all seven retail floors of the world-famous toy shop and included works to upgrade the back of house areas. The stairways were redesigned in order to improve customer flow and allow short-stay shoppers to buy and go. Visitors come out saying it's one of the wonders of the world.'I think people might be put off because they think it is just about model trains, but it is so much more than that. 2 - Country HaltThis backscene is particularly suitable for use on 'O' gauge tinplate model railway layouts and was originally produced specifically to reflect the charming simplicity of Hornby's clockwork 'O' gauge series.
3 - Industrial TownThis backscene is particularly suitable for use on 'OO' and 'N' gauge model railway layouts, for displaying 1:72 scale diecast models and as a modern wargaming backdrop. 4 - Thomas CountryThis backscene is particularly suitable for any Thomas the Tank Engine layout, whether it be railway, or plastic, wood or diecast models in the Thomas theme It also makes a wondeful frieze for a child's room.
5 - Harbour ViewThis backscene is particularly suitable for a coastal layout in 'OO', 'N' or 'Z' gauge, in either the steam or diesel eras. 2 backscene, Country Halt, deployed in the intended mode on Neil's somewhat embryronic Hornby clockwork 'O' gauge static layout.

Make sure that when the train runs, its wheels will not get caught in any polyester or cotton wool that is acting as snow. Space shouldn't be an issue, though, if you have purchased the correct railway for the intended design of your Christmas village. On the platform you can position a bench and perhaps some of your figurines, poised as they eagerly await the arrival of the Christmas Polar Express. It was imperative that we adhered to the strict contract timescale and that the contractor remained invisible at all times. All were taken away and refurbished, before returning in the same way two weeks later, on eight articulated wagons and repositioned using trolleys and block and tackle. Silets Memorial museum was built in honor of the Train Lady’s husband, a famous attorney who once represented Jimmy Hoffa. On Sunday 27 September 2009 a further display of Model Engineering will be available as part of a Steam Train Day.As always Yeovil Railway Centre is most grateful to the exhibitors who provided a splendid show-a BIG thank you! 1 - Mining VillageThis backscene is particularly suitable for use on 'OO' and 'N' gauge model railway layouts and for displaying 1:72 scale diecast models.
It also works well as a diorama backdrop for the more naive 1:43 scale diecast models such as early Dinkies and Corgis and as a frieze in a bedroom or playroom.
His layout assumes that there never was a war with Germany, because the only engines that will run on Kato Unitrack are German or Japanese, and he chose the track before choosing the running stock.
Noise and dust could not be tolerated; material deliveries needed to co-ordinate with overnight stock deliveries. The escalators were re installed in an X pattern to speed up customer circulation within the shop. The museum is a scaled down replica of Greater Chicago that has 16 trains of its own, a drive-in movie theatre, and other transit-related exhibits like elevated trains and subway trains.
Electric, sprinklers and fire alarms couldn’t be turned off and fire exits needed to be kept clear at all times. The layout was planned to experiment with automatic train control and was taken from a Kato track plan.
Removals revealed up to four layers of flooring and wall linings in some areas, where previous fit-outs had taken the easy route under similar circumstances.

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