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While I am not hand laying any rail, I am laying down track and one spike at a time seemed appropriate. If you have been following my blogging you will know that after building my GE 85 ton steeple cabs, I need something for them to do. This part of my layout I was able to keep and I put up in my garage that I built a few years back. The white paper in the foreground will be where my ore will be off loaded and then loaded into gondolas on the other end.
I had to make a small change to the track to get into the CON OUT, otherwise all is progressing as hoped.
It served it's purpose, many people got to see it, but I was starting to have too many electrical issues with it. It is smaller, but with the change I expanded the yard and move my industries to behind me in the photo. On the front is where the ore from the mine will come in as raw ore and magically go out as a concentrate. I am not trying to focus on the processing of the ore, others modeling mining can do that, but there will be enough buildings to make you think there is a larger plant nearby. 5 of the switches, which were likely from my 1982 layout, were pooched and have been put off to the side for parts.

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