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I totally agree with this, it's worked for me for many years with a total of 24 plus modules! It was GREAT to use MOSS to connect the Free-mo modules to your Sipping and Switching Society of NC modules.
A good friend of mine stumbled on this small collection of pictures regarding the Akron and Barberton Belt. These images helped to solidify my intent to go forward with this module from planning to construction. Plan looks good, my only comment is to connect the two peninsulas together and fill in the gap with a little scenery. PS I know this is a very old article but I am currently reading through all the back issues as I've only just discovered this wonderful resource. Once that was done the program was saved as a DXF file to input to the CAM program (CamBam) to generate the G-code for the machine to understand. After waiting 24 hours for the rubber to cure it was time to pour the resin track section. Rails were glued on to the tie strips with Pliobond© and held down while the glued dried with code 70 spikes.
The track going up the hill is quite steep, but there is only room for an Alco S1-4, or an sw type switcher with two 40-50 foot cars to clear the switches on the upper level, so the steepness of the grade is not an issue. The G-code is then loaded into the mills controlling computer and the run button is pushed. Another thing that needs to be done is to cover the insulation before I get to serious about putting in scenery. That grade may be the limiting factor as to how many cars your engine can push up it, or if it can get up at all.
You could just make a straight section on a board and try different grades and see what it does to engine performance.

It was rather odd that I thought of using the Gum Stump & Snowshoe track plan for a lime stone quarry. I knew that the quarry at one time severed the the Lehigh Valley but never knew exactly where.
The shovel and engine pictured above is a composite of two 126 Kodak Instamatic pictures spliced together. In addition you'll get the flexibiltiy to rearrange the modules in different ways and even moving to another home will be no problem at all. While my layout has half the track down and is functional in the sense that it can run trains and do minor operations, it's intimidating when I think of the sheer time involved in getting it right.
I can even see this with some staging added on at least 1 end, working great as a home layout. I will be using this module set with staging on both ends to keep my grandkids interested in model railroading.
I am a new modeller (well, I had one many years ago) who has finally settled down after many years of moving around and I have some space for a layout. In a CAD program draw up a turnout of the frog angle you need and draw the proper length ties in.
The upper right end were the stone crusher and storage bins are going to go need to be modified. I think it’ll undergo some changes as I progress from the quarry around to the mine section. As I wrote this up I was thinking I need to do something with the right side and the two middle sections.
What I did to use one engine I added a passing siding next to the lower left track and it was a lot more useful. Another picture shows a Baldwin powered train with a ventilated boxcar about 1 mile from the aforementioned siding.

I did a little investigation using Bing maps and did some screen captures so i could add history to my theme of the railroad.
Looking at it didn't make sense to have a narrow gauge line if the standard gauge could get this close to the quarry.
They tend to use sea shells instead of silica sand in their concrete so it kind of guarantees permanent employment for the construction people.
It's effective scenery wise, sporting trees,shrubs, rail side shack, man walking, and several other details while still only an inch long.
Possibly with a little more thought, and slipping the rails into spikes on S&SS side would save even more time. I was thinking of maybe something like I showed in one of the aerial view of the Leroy quarry.
Besides limestone ballast I was thinking limestone slabs being shipped to a company that cuts it into limestone blocks for buildings.
Two warehouses, and several offline business, a small engine repair shop, cut-a-way lumber yard scene, and a general store.
It's FUN to operate and i get to switch and display my collection even if only a few cars at a time. I'm going to complete it to a very detailed and fully complete section before i move on to anything else.

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