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Is my tortured brain right in thinking that a helix loop would not be a true circle by reason of the differential height of the ends ?
KarlThe mighty Class 109, the best DMU to cruise the rails.Proud member of the LLangollen Railcar group! The upper level track after leaving  the 5 or so loop helix, will pop out right above Rice Hill siding, and enter Divide Siding. Ive been working this plan for awhile now, I was thinking of going with a height of 42-45" at Roseburg.
Could you back off the grade a bit and get deck separation by adding another lap to the helix?

La Grange and Tortilla Flats and the Power Plant over the Helix will be the next bench work project. I have had too many layouts that were too permanent and too many relocations of jobs working for the Federal Government, that now I try to make everything removable without taking a chain saw to it as some have mentioned about their layouts. The upper deck was built as a shelf along two walls just to run trains, so I worked down to the lower deck from the upper deck when I decided to make the layout bigger. I would use another one at the otherside of the layout to bring it back up to normal level, just need the sizes for it!
Also working Sutherlin will be tricky due to the grade (which is perhaps around 3% or a bit more?)  The grade through Rice Hill shouldn't be as much of an issue since there isn't any switching there.

I don't think you'll be able to atain the 10" grade spearation for the distance you have without severly limiting your train length or requiring helpers on every train, which may be what you want. Im thinking of putting a shadowbox scene on the upper helix that will have a small scene perhaps the town of Drain so engineers can see there train progress the  upper helix.

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