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A number of activities take place in the clubrooms which include operating model trains, building layouts and chatting with friends.
If you are interested in helping the Western MRS in any of these projects or just wish to come along and learn, please contact the secretary. The layout is located in an industrial estate which is operated by locomotives of any UK origin, as it can be sited in any major town in the UK.
It is a compact single board layout and is expected to be available for bookings from September 2007, and contact can be made via the website.
Using three of the baseboards from the old N gauge layout, an O gauge layout 15' x 2' 6" has been constructed. Belbroughton in North Worcestershire is village in an area bounded by Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, Longbridge and Stourbridge.
The line in from Kidderminster fights the contours of the region causing it to enter the station via a rather circuitous route, whereas the line from the LMS at Longbridge takes a shorter route to Belbroughton coming off the Halesowen branch at Rubery. However by the time the layout is depicted the line to the Midland has been closed leaving the stub of the branch now used as siding, but the resultant track formation in the station has not been rationalised leaving the odd layout of the line crossing over towards the engine shed that would have provided a direct access to that side of the station. The industry in the area is the manufacture of agricultural equipment, Isaac Nash, a local company, had branched out from starting out making scythes to larger pieces of equipment for the farming industry. Train services on the branch are predominantly in the hands of the WR with the odd intruder bringing or taking special trips for the factory. There is the one train each way which goes through to Birmingham in the rush hour which can turn up a variety of workings. Lemmington Park is the new HO American layout constructed by the Western Model Railway Society.
Some initial discussion came up with a concept of a station in the outskirts of Chicago, on what was once a though line but now truncated to serving as an outer-suburban terminus receiving push-pull trains as used by Metra and previously used by the Rock Island. Acquiring Peco code 83 templates via the internet and moving them around the baseboard, came up with a workable plan, but needed a single-slip, which Peco didn’t do. This will consist of regular commuter service to and from Chicago to the suburb of Lemmington Park.

The locomotive depot is built from a Pikestuff kit with an office added from the same range.
A great day out for the whole family at one of the largest model train shows ever run in south east Queensland. November 2014Model Railroader has been the leading model train magazine for the past 75 years.  Each month, we bring you step-by-step modeling projects, fascinating photo tours of model train layouts, unbiased product reviews, new product announcements, tips from the experts and much more! The layout is designed to fit into a car and requires two operators to cover for meal breaks and rest periods etc. They were taken by WMRS member Tim Neale, who was running his layout, St Mark's Yard, at the same show. In 2011 McKendrick Street Yard is booked to attend the 2011 Northolt MRC exhibition in September and Swindon & Cricklade Railway's Exhibition in October.
In real life the village never had a railway but this is what could have been if the LMS and GWR had built a line into the town. Raw materials are delivered to their rail connected factory with the finished goods shipped out to various parts of the country by the wagon load. The passenger service is mainly a shuttle to Kidderminster provided by either a GWR railcar or an Autotrain using the Pannier outsheded at Belbroughton, but occasionally due to failures a loco & coaches may appear.
Following the demise of the club’s N Gauge layout, two baseboards with solid ply tops were available and allocated to an HO project.
The station building is from a Walthers kit, and the low relief buildings will be based on the Cornerstone range. The locos and rolling stock are also compatible as the couplings are very alike and will connect without problem. The size of the layout , 5feet by 1.5 feet restricts the trains to no more than three standard wagons.
The rolling stock was supplied by Patrick Boynton, a former member of the WMRS, who came along to assist with running the layout.
The baseboards are 5 foot long and 20 inches wide, so the track plan was obviously going to be somewhat constrained .

In between the commuter service, there will be light engine movements to and from the servicing depot. The over bridge was suggested by Bob as a good way to hide the exit to the hidden sidings, following a search through the NMRA Roundhouse magazines and a similar concept on Tim’s St Marks Yard layout.
Bob has a Digitrax system and it is hoped that either can be used by simply plugging the appropriate wires into the layout. Both use a mains powered controller providing a 12v variable speed supply for one locomotive.
This lends it self to a large number of movements, but also to having between two and three locomotives in operation. Thoughts turned to a small diesel servicing depot, used to service locomotives needed by some off-stage major industry or yard. At an early stage some buildings were bought and assembled to ensure they fitted with the proposed track plan. A couple of industry sidings were squeezed in to allow some switching and add operational interest for the operator and spectator. The fuel oil tank, sand dispensers and shed stores will require regular replenishment, which will supplement the freight movements from the nearby yard serving the lineside industries.
The Hornby Railroad range includes several budget priced train packs ideal for adding another train to your train set. Following a discussion at the Erith show, Bob Perrat rejoined the club, bringing with him his considerable experience and knowledge. The layout is freestanding and it is intended to lengthen the legs from the original N scale viewing height to provide more comfortable operation. He made some suggestions which resulted in a run-round loop being fitted in, an extra siding and further tweaking to help the visual impact from the front.

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