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Below are some photographs to give you an idea of the size of the main hall, there are two toilet blocks, a kitchen area, office, store rooms, work shop and a lift in the building as well. Post pictures and information about your own personal model railway layout that is under construction.
Wiring I find is one of the most rewarding aspects of the hobby (hence why I still prefer DC over DCC having used both).
SB, there was a layout based on the same CJF plan in one of the mags very recently, Lemon Street in the May 2010 RM, thats probably why you recognise it.
It must be said, I did consider adapting the same CJF plan to fit the space I have before I settled on using the idea of stacked reverse loop storage yards from another of his plans.
Just a little update and a few pictures of the Upper Level Terminus with traffic to show its potential. Well I proudly explained the whole monumental, hands-across-the-world aspect of it and they just kind of raised a collective eyebrow very slightly.
Unfortunately they didn't have any of the exhibition layouts out (Stoke Summit would have been something for NoRMan to have visited) but they did have a layout that has been donated to them - Orwell Road. I was made to feel welcome at the club and had a chat with a few of the members that were there.

Anyway - just need Doc's address so I can send the little fella over to him for the next leg of the tour. I hope to have a good few pix and, dare I hope, a few videos of the nice long runs available to him on the Stromness Road Garden Railway How about a nice long rake of mixed freight hauled by an 8F?
OK, NoRM has done the rounds today (finally!) and I shall be uploading the videos of the little chap on here in due course.
Just a quick post to let you all know NoRMan has now finished his holiday by the sea and has moved inland to Chelmsford with Neil (Westbrom). However, being a simpleton, I forgot to take the 'travel document' with me, though I have to go to Brentwood on Monday so I'll probably take it to Neil in person. Anyhow, here are a few pix that I haven't posted yet of NoRMan on the last morning he spent in Southend before the breif trip north.
These were taken when the building was just a shell, we were required to install the electrics, plumbing and decorate the walls and floors to bring it to the require standard before we could move in. The out and back running provided by the plan is fantastic, and I found Lemon Street to draw me even closer to considering the plan seriously.
They also said that if I was at an exhibition that they have a layout at they would give NoRMan a run out.

At the moment he is waiting patiently in his box, as I have a lot to do today that involves moving things around and tidying up.
I'll look forward to photos of what's on the other side Looking at your plan I'm guessing that's a large terminus at the top?Is this based on one of the Cyril Freezer plans btw?
It just goes to show that good plans stand the test of time with only a little tweaking to bring them up to date. I do like large stations, especially termini I'm looking forward to the day when I have room for something on that scale. But until then I'll placate myself by asking questions, such as:Any ideas on what type of station you will have?

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