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Thank you for the reply, Terry, I'd never have guessed that the barrow was a white-metal kit, your painting has worked perfectly. I enjoy seeing the info you share, but I have never shared my layout with you so here are some pics. Great looking detailed layout,a lot of talent put into it.I`m sure your new one will show even more talent.Enjoy! Frank I agree with Roger why not at least try to sell it first to make some money and also to let someone else enjoy your hard work. Another option that I took was to donate it to a museum that has some model railroads and get the tax write-off as a gift donation. Like Fordyce I am very impressed and would also appreciate a copy of the track plan = also scale. There is only one way to get a modelrailroad and that is to build your own even if it takes a lifetime, this looks like ho to me going by the windows in background, just started a layout ,have converted my loft 21x16ft, track on 2 to 3ft wide benchwork, have laid 420ft of track just about to add the power, it’s ho USA mining, mountains, farm land, and a town.
I think it’s super, don’t fancy coming and helping with some track laying do you? It seems, from reading the responses, that unless those buildings are absolutely a must in removing, that selling the whole setup would be advantageous for you, and it would appear that there are quite a few eager buyers on hand. I would sell it not destroy it, these are going for a few thousand on EBAy…Beautiful work.
Is 4 x 8 + 4feet by 8 feet, if so can I have an idea of your layout as I am new to model railroad and about to set up a 4 foot x 8 foot. HELLO AL, I NEVER DID TELL YOU BUT I AM A DAV GUY AND TRYING TO PUT A 3X6 TRAIN LAYOUT AS THAT IS ALL THE ROOM I CAN SPARE IN MY BEDROOM. About 8 months ago I was web surfing web sites for model train layouts and dioramas and came across a huge Walt Disney World layout that looked like at least 10 X 20 (in the picture anyways) mostly of Magic Kingdom with every store of main street USA, the princesses castle, the train depot, the train, etc, etc. Designing and building a example train can be arsenic simple or as complex equally you would like. Specializing Indiana example conifer trees our goal is to establish our model tree including mannequin railroads model movie sets architectural renderings slot car layouts. When I worked part-time at the Devon Shirehorse centre at Yealmpton in the 1970s I made a new tree for 'King', then the Guiness Book of Records holder of the title of the tallest shire-horse in the world. With 2 tracks around the room a quarry area then the mining area of 18ft by 2ft that is it so far no photo;s yet but may make time to do that in the near future.

The scale is HO and most of teh radius is 18 but the two turns on the mountain are probably more like 15. Again thanks for the compliments Ive never thought my work was that great but they say your best critic is yourself. I dont know how it was achieved to fit into this size, but I think its an absolute beautiful work oif art.
I am just starting out with an 8 x 4 layout and would like a copy of your track plan if that is possible.
I tried to send you an email for a copy of your track plan but could not get through, maybe you could post them on this site.
I, for one, would be interested in getting it for a group of neglected boys that I coach in soccer. Inward this video I show you two dissimilar way to shuffling trees for your model train layout. I recycled the swannicks but the centre blacksmith [Tom, an ex-guardsman farrier] made a new draw-hook and swivel and I used ash from a broken set of shafts.
I run mostly short trains as I model the 1950’s so I havent had very many problems running this tight radius but as I move into the new larger layout I will be running longer passengers and probably not long freights but those tight curves will be giving me problems along with getting in and out of this layout is almost impossible as I didnt plan on expanding well. I am awed by the attention to detail and the wonderful use of landscaping techniques I see here. It seems to me that way too many layouts have way-to-bright cartoon-like colouring, unlike your most realistic effects. I have a collection of 200 prime models and several scale local building of my home town here in the Adirondack Mtns.
After this past summer season I set up the whole thing trying out different layouts on the floor of the family room.
My granddaughter and I are getting ready to begin a layout and only have 4×8 to work with. They get excited when I talk about someday building a layout for them but to be honest I’m not sure where to start. Then we added on to the house and I got plenty of space for the old layout and plenty of room to add on but I torn it apart.
If you are not familiar with the devising of these trees and so after you read this you will know just how to do it.

If you are looking for a reposeful creative spare-time activity building model trains could be a perfect fit how to make trees for model train layouts. I have thought about selling and also giving it away through the club I belong to during a show, but I’ve decided I would rather save the structures that I have built some scratch some kits and keep them for the new layout. My problem which this has all been leading up to is: how do I blend g scale card and accessories with an 0 scale train set and make it work. For the last 7 months, I’ve gone onto every train web sites known to man kind, Retail, wholesale, E-bay, Amazon (including Prime) Walthers, etc.
Here we are going to start with a few fundamental principle such arsenic benchwork Part of the attraction to model trains for many is the history and sense of nostalgia. I told Al that I would share as I get started on the new layout not only to share but for idea feedback also.
I had a couple of trolleys running daydreaming short runs out to a beach area complete with tent and RV sites, piers, boats and a nice beach and water area.
Buildings and such cost more now then when you originally built but there are a lot of different buildings now, if you decide to update to a newer era along with some old just for nostalgia. In the center was a residential area and further out was a paper mill scaled after the IP plant in our area. I also am a hobby woodworker with a full woodworking shop and have been retired for twenty years. Except for the cheap plastic epcot sphere, monorail toy train and a very pricey train station plastic kit. How to build manikin trees for your power train layout How to make flying and easy mannequin train trees for how to make trees for model train layouts. Being partly disabled I have had nothing but time on my hands for years and do enjoy my hobby. Any body know a known web site for good quality, detailed Disney world N or HO scale buildings and scenery?
When I first became disabled and home the hight point was to count heads of everyone going by the house to their jobs each day.

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