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You can see from the photographs below this panel on our front page that we have many excellent modellers with skills covering all aspects of railway modelling. For the experienced modeller we have many members who will appreciate your skills and knowledge about the hobby, and any contributions you can make to our discussions will be greatly valued. Whatever your level of modelling experience we are sure you will find something here to further your enjoyment of this fine hobby, and we look forward to having you as a member of YMRC. Before deciding to join YMRC, please bear in mind that joining us obliges you to participate in the life of the forum.
701,235Mon Apr 4th, 2016 08:31 pmby BCDRin Economical means of joining and aligning portable base board ends Layout Design, Trackwork & Operation.Not sure if your design is going to work? 1752,010Fri Apr 15th, 2016 01:45 pmby wahibain Old Triang 4-5 Controller Electrics - DCCDCC - Digital Command Control, the newest and most sophisticated method of operating your trains.
All material submitted to this web site is the responsibility of the respective contributor. My son’s obsession with all things train related has continued to grow over the years and at the grand old age of 6 he has become an actual train driver!

I have started taking my camera along to capture the fun and as I suspect I am going to be taking a of photos there over the coming months I might set up a little gallery section just for my locomotive photos.
If you are looking for help with your hobby or would like to share your knowledge and experience with others then please join us. No question is considered too basic to ask as we fully realise just how daunting some of this stuff can be to the beginner, and help will be freely given at all times. The owner of the forum cannot afford the web costs of inactive members who do not participate and you may find that your membership will be automatically deleted if you have not joined in our discussions for several months. Please state your real name, your email address, and the user name which you would like to use if it is different from your real name. If you would like to say a few introductory words about yourself, you are welcome to post them here.
Just a brief note of appreciation for something you have read, or a few notes about your current modelling project, is all that is required. Please also say a few words about your railway interests so that I can be sure that you are a genuine modeller and not a spammer.

Please also tell me where you are in the world, other members like to know that as we have members all over the world. Between them I believe we now have the largest single source of model railway information on the internet.
I will then register you as a member and send you a password by email so that you can log in with the user name which you requested. After you have logged in you can if you wish change your password to something more memorable. Buildings, signals, bridges, tunnels, walling, ballasting, fencing, cars, trucks, figures etc.

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