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If I paint it in pristine black, the detail will be almost lost, but once I weather it heavily, I think the detail will be enhanced.
Normally after spray painting an item, I would brush paint the final coats of paint to fill in any holes or gaps in the spray coats. While I should have added the transfers before weathering commenced, it doesn't matter too much with this build, as there are more layers of weathering to go on.
The Couplings are *sort of* NEM pockets on long extensions from the bogies and take standard NEM couplings with the fishtails, and they swing with the bogies.
I haven't actually taken any photos of the undersides of the wagon, so I will try to get one or two once the light is better. Answering Gary's query about the coupling arrangements on the Sturgeon A, here is an underside shot of it.
Now, to a different project: I have been contemplating the Hornby S15 and the weathering to date, which came out just a little too brown for my liking. It's just that there are many repetitive bits to deal with that make it tedious - not Cambrian's fault, just a side effect of the real thing's design (28 handrails, 28 door bumpers, 28 door springs!).
After masking off the couplings, I sprayed some automotive grey primer, followed by matt black from the same source.

However, because I want to model the Sturgeon A in a heavily weathered and slightly battered condition, I didn't bother with more black paint, instead going straight to the greys (Humbrol #66 and #79) and browns (Humbrol #29, so far) in washes and dry brushed streaks. As it is a reasonably long wagon, I would like to know how the couplers are fitted to this wagon ? We had a nice quiet Christmas at home but caught up with friends and family on days either side of Christmas Day. The pockets are formed during the construction but may be a little delicate for repeated plugging and unplugging of couplings. I mixed up some Humbrol coal black #85 as the predominant colour, with a tinge of Humbrol #66, olive drab, and even less Humbrol #62, leather. The Sturgeon A with some additional rust coloured weathering, and with a rail load added, using some cut lengths of rail and some plasticard strips cut to represent wooden battens.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. This will eventually be followed by various shades of black, grey and rust colours to weather it down a bit. Still to do: more rust is needed on the metal parts (of the real thing - they are all plastic in the kit!), more shades of grey and brown for the insides and outsides of the wooden planked bits, and more weathering on the floor, before adding the rail load I have earmarked for this wagon.

Are they body mounted or someway connected to the bogies, although they are in from the ends a long way. The extensions can be left off if the builder wishes to mount couplings directly under the floor (such as for some Kadee types. I'm not sure it is robust enough to stand repeated plugging and unplugging of couplings, but it does allow for future changes, perhaps to NEM type Kadees (numbers 17 to 20). The whole lot was then mixed with some matt varnish and 'watered' down with turps to form a grey, almost black wash. Just a few minor paint touch-ups to go and it is ready for service with my model Engineers Department. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). As can be seen, they are mounted on long extensions of the bogie top members, and swing with the bogies.

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