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The small model railroad photos below were taken at a narrow gauge train show in Schomberg, Ontario in 2007. If you are curious about the Internet, social media like Facebook and Twitter, and want to know more about what's going on in the wide, wide world up in the clouds, and especially if you have any desire to do something for yourself, I urge you to take a little time to watch the video below.
Here are a few photos of some of my favorite layouts I had the pleasure of touring at the 32nd National Narrow Gauge Convention this past week in Seattle. Featuring a traditional stone-built quarry office and simple, dilapidated engine shed, the untidy appearance of the scene adds to its atmosphere, as overgrown tracks and discarded slate help bring this railway in a landscape to life.

The loop took around a year to complete and can be seen at model railway exhibitions across the UK. They just prove that you don't need a lot of space to build a model railroad.Most were only a few feet square and were built by modelers with great imagination and cleverness. This should help wet your appetite for more that I'm sure will come from Joe and Les once they get the opportunity to post them.
The model, created in 7mm scale, features an operating area of just 4 ft by 2 ft, and brilliantly recreates the atmosphere of a North Wales slate quarry during the 1950s.

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