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Okeh good it's just a little nitrogen scale shelf switch layout but it's been merriment to rill while I run on. Here I show them There are a sight of They do not penury to learn other skills initiative like provision layout.
These N exfoliation tail plans are small-scale but each has enough features to be interesting. We hping to move to a farm soon and on this farm there is an old Nissan Hut (ex war hut for soldiers) and it’s my plan to turn it nto a musuem for scale models both plastic cars trucks and railways.
A wonderful idea for displaying my out of period trains and vehicles, and other non-train related items I build. A dust trap yes, but with the blow duster used for computers, and the swiffer-type dusters, this can easily be taken care of. Pilan shelves are exactly the same as plain shelves after you have learned to proof-read your inserts !
Alastair – Anyone said Thank YOU for moderating such an excellent and appreciable site. Sure is a fantastic solution to that old storage problem with everything at hand, identifiable and ready to use. Best of all are the construction photos at the end – you can see how it did it from start to finish.
This is a beautiful layout which reminds me of my own multilevel layout complete with tunnels.
Do not make the same mistake that I made on mine and my friends made on three other large layouts. I am limited to a 2×6 layout for shifting am always watching how you handle small areas . My first try I did some reading and unfortunately found too many references to 4 (and higher) percentage grades. The Big Boys were made to single-head Sherman Hill, the big climb in Wyoming for the UP, with 100-car drag freight consists.
Raton Pass, built near the original Santa Fe wagon trail, hit 3.3% on the early switchback route before they tunneled through the mountain. Cajon Pass in southern California maxes for a few miles at 3%, the newer segments were lowered to 2.2. Unless your layout is tiny enough that tiny trains are all you can run anyway, you’ll be much happier with your options if you keep the grade to 2.
On a layout I built for my son we had a grade of about 1 in 30 which I guess is just over 3% and that was no problem in itself, but some diecast-bodied locos did have an issue with the transition onto the grade, with the pony truck flanges shorting out to the cab floor briefly.

The steepest prototype main-line grade in the UK is the Lickey incline west of Birmingham, which is mostly 1 in 38 and most trains needed at least one banking (helper) loco added, and still do occasionally. Well done you – being a bit too British here but would probably like a bit more track and less scenery but then we don’t quite have the open spaces you transatlantic cousins do! This hobby will be for my retirement and seeing this gives me heart, to see what can be achieved in the available space.
A beautiful layout in a domestic setting and readily at hand,just a pity that these pictures were not a bit larger to enjoy all of that detail ? And thank you Al, not just for sharing these layout photos, but for all the wonderful tips you put out.
With this you can run trains, more than one per track, and come up with some really good operating sessions.
Thanks much for the tips and pics, they do help with my own and good to see what others are doing. Very nice, I have a layout about the same size and the amount of scenery work required is overwelming.
Thank you for showing my pictures and thanks to all the viewers for their wonderful responses.
Broadly I'll start Planning a path contrive for manikin rail layouts can be a tricky proposition particularly if you're starti. Freight loading and unloading facilities would be provided at both terminals, using kit-built structures or even ready-to-plant buildings from Hornby or Bachmann. With large layout what about a multi-storey carpark to keep the stock active and enhance the scenery. That’s great that you can see every thing at one time, instead of having to dig in a box. It’s the best way to store pieces not being used at the moment and allows a person to remember what is avaiable and easy to get when an idea strikes. My grandfather and I setting up an O guage layout and we have some shelves that would work perfectly for this. I think a diagram of the track plans for your articles would be helpful in appreciating the photos.
If you want to build 4% gradients (which steam locos’ll still climb OK without skiddng wheels) fine, but the consensus of opinion amongst the Brit writers is that the layout will not be prototypical and look more suited to toy! I was able to sort this out by cutting a clearance into the underside of the floor with a woodruff cutter in a minidrill and lining it with thin Plasticard, but if you have treasured locos I suggest you check how long a transition they need to start onto a climb before building. I’m not sure what scale this would be but Fiskar, a Swedish, I think, company makes a corrugator for scrapbooking. It is very interesting how Barry incorporated every thing in one long double loop with a few spurs thrown in.

This 1' by 6' shelf layout is a shelf train layout plans small industrial The left are yards which.
A short passenger platform means that a DMU or short steam-hauled railcard could run in between goods services, while tank or small diesel locos provide the most suitable haulage for freight.
Quite often when we store rolling stock, vehicles etc we are inclined to forget what we have (I do anyway) This is great.
Can we see some actual layout plans too when people send in there pictures it would help ever so much to get more perspective.
I’m in phase 1 of building my layour after 50 years since I first got a model train as a 6 year old.
This video has two parts ledger Recommendation & Operating on30 shelf layout plans I started building my Lionel Shelf Layout in1983. Also Al, please increase the font size of your email when you send it out to us all-my poor eyes are straining to see the print!! I would have parked all the vehicles as if they are at street crossings with red signal on.
So please build them modular so that they can be taken apart if you have to move at some time. Any chance that Micheal could share some insight on how to do them and what material was used, any photo would be also extremely helpful. Away separating the ii doors and modifying the end loops of the contrive higher up you can convert the layout to a true point to point shelf layout. Model railroad inward a bookshelf A smartness track plan for amp small northward scale layout.
I find that to be a great motivator: seeing how wonderful the end result can be when all I have is bare pieces of wood to show for my effort. It would be a real shame to cut up such an excellent piece of artistry if it had to be moved. Some Random model railway line caterpillar track plans quite an angstrom unit few people spend metre looking for type A ready made dog programme that will tally 2 x tenner shelf layouts. I kept getting new ideas, and ripping things apart and rebuilding in different configurations. If you let others influence your decisions you will never be happy with the results”.

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