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The NOCH company is famous for its many products regarding model landscaping and in the later years also model houses and a lot of other accessories for your model railway. Here is a prototype based plan for an industrial switching area around Wallula, Washington I am considering building. First up, a shot of the Cold Store warehouse that is served by UP from the east and BNSF from the south.
Next is an overview of the warehouse with BNSF tracks headed to the wye on the left and the UP switching lead on the right. The large Chevron plant is to the east of Cold Store on the prototype, but I had to move it above the warehouse on my plan. There are scenery options involving water as Lake Wallula of the Columbia River is nearby most of these locations. There is another pair of chemical plants in the area around the Findley Cold Store warehouse that were potential customers. And if you are curious, I live in Virginia, so I'm pretty amazed at what I could find about a pretty out of the way location via the internet. Keep up the research!  That is the only way to have a quality, operationally-sound railroad! Aisle width is set for 36 inch standard, with wider areas and a few choke points that may briefly pulse down to 30 inches. I have drawn alternate plans with a J shaped peninsula coming down from the top wall, and another with an h shaped peninsula coming off the right wall into the center of the room. The lift out, unfortunately, is probably a must, as that is in front of a sliding door to the back yard. Looking at your trackplan a bit closer, I have a few more suggestions for you that will hopefully help inspire you. The Chevron plant tracks in the top LH corner should be where Hedges is if the layout were totally prototype based, but it didn't really fit there. The chip track layout in the paper mill is prototypical, based on a sketch drawn by a BNSF engineer and mailed to me with some photos. My minimum is an 18 inch curve, except on the north leg of the wye, which is a very sharp turn on the prototype, so I drew it in at 12 inches. Zurich, Switzerland, Mar.3, 2009 – ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has received orders of around $16 million to install flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) for two steel plants in the Gulf Region.
SASKATCHEWAN — Athabasca Potash has awarded the contract for shaft sinking studies at its Burr project 107 km east of Saskatoon to Thyssen Mining of Regina. Stocks rose around the world, commodity prices rallied and Treasuries fell on speculation China will broaden efforts to boost growth and U.S. Glyn High-Tech Distribution have partnered with MobiApps, a provider of satellite and hybrid terrestrial technologies for commercial communications.
Callidan Instruments, with help from Moscow based Instrumentation Company Konvels, has introduced its MoistScan® online microwave moisture technology to a wide range of industries in Russia. CRCMining, an Australian research centre, has been awarded a total of A$2.2 million in grants from the Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP). With the LB 20 Liebherr has introduced an additional model of its new series of large diameter rotary drilling rigs. Natural-resources extractive companies are profiting financially and socially when they consult with affected communities before and during the construction of projects. Diamonds have become a major factor in Robert Mugabe’s desperate attempt to retain power in Zimbabwe.
Hamburg, Germany – One of the most powerful tugs in the port of Hamburg has just celebrated its 10th anniversary – along with the innovative MaK VRT technology that has been part of her equipment since she went into service.
MDL Australia unveils world’s first direct Blast Hole-Burden Measurement System optimizes burden to enhance safety. MDL Australia unveils world's first direct Blast Hole-Burden Measurement System optimizes burden to enhance safety. The Burden Finder is a single-person operated; integrated unit that helps the surveyor design specific blasts.

This class 1 eye safe reflectorless laser instrument allows surveyors, rock face profilers and other users  to input basic drilling parameters including drill angle, collar-crest distance and required minimum burden. The Burden Finder comes with a built-in compass and a digital inclinometer with a range of +- 70 degrees from horizontal and has an accuracy level of 0.2 degrees. It's one of three plans under consideration for a 19 x 20 foot townhouse basement space. This plan has NO real mainline operation as the only mainline trackage is from Wallula into staging. Potential reach issues in key locations for operators (Benchwork set to be at 50 inches).
Is benchwork in bottom RH corner high enough and narrow enough to traverse wall over insert fireplace without inviting issues when fireplace is in use? Chips and chemicals go in from Attalia up top, and finished paper exits in boxcars on the lower RH side. Still not sure the railroad in my design will be busy enough in an operating session to be worth the space, and am looking for ways to more efficiently design the staging. Where do the tracks in the upper left corner lead?  Do they end there in a point-to-point fashion or is there more to this room than is depicted? The Wallula yard (at bottom right) stores cars for the paper mill and serves as a base for local operations there, in the industries in Finley, and further up the old Yakima branch to Kennewick, Washington. Much as I would love never to go out there, the garden needs tending and the grass cutting. Since we're dealing with N scale, 18" radii allow you to add peninsulas wherever you see fit and this location begs for some additional track! That is a third major industry, and I am counting the interchange between the two class I railroads and Blue Mountain RR shortline as another industry. I wish the mill were on the other side of the tracks in real life, as it would make modeling it much easier. I could also require the local to block other cars in the yard for unmodeled spots in the mill.
They are basically across the street from each other in real life, so a scenic divider, while usually worth adding, actually messes up the prototype flavor on that area. I am going to try to redesign to add some of the main north of the wye, as there are two industries just north of the wye: one is another cold storage warehouse, and another is a feed mill for a beef producer. Layouts specifically designed for Britain’s spinning top manufacturer can embody found inward Hornby Plans.
MobiApps deliver transceivers that combine satellite communications and a GPS receiver on a single chipset.
Neither were as strong as last year but, importantly, the PDAC was not awash with doom and gloom. Many gauges have been purchased for online moisture analysis and control, with applications including iron ore, coal concentrate and mineral salts. The company’s Vice President for Mining Research, Professor Paul Lever said the funding will assist six new and continuing research projects.
The concept of the LB series is based on Liebherr’s many years of experience with special deep foundation applications and take into account the toughest demands, which are nowadays placed on modern rotary drilling rigs. Diamond smuggling has become rampant and dozens of diamond miners have been murdered by the military, which now controls the country’s main diamond fields. It has the capacity to shoot up to 150 meters reflector less range and 600 meters with a reflector and has the accuracy of 5 centimeters. Here you will find tips for digital operation, landscape construction, model reviews and much more. This one is pretty strongly influenced by the Finley industrial area, Boise Cascade paper mill at Wallula, and interchange between BNSF and UP in the area, plus the WATCO shortline that runs here and switches the paper mill. Some elements of plan, especially at bottom, do allow for builidng in stages or adding on more areas after initial plan is up and running. Throw in some Blue Mountain RR shortline interchange and switching and there may be enough operations to keep a small crew busy.

They would become the empties returning to the yard while sitting waiting while the local switches the modeled portion.
They certainly could start in the Wallula yard, although prototypically they would come into the yard from the south after leaving the huge Hinkle yard at Hermiston. Even with 18 inch curves, I want to avoid narrow aisles and a plethora of peninsulas that clutter the room. If I go far enough I could end with the UP yard at Ayer, which held interchange traffic for the Camas Prarrie RR. I’ve been into photography railways and modeling them Hoosier State miniature for 30 or then for the UK based Model vituperate Magazine associated publications and books british model railway layouts. Antiophthalmic factor OO ordered series Brits themed kookie depot filmed at the Box James Jerome Hill 2004 Free Track Plans for your model railway layout railroad operating theater prepare set. The grants cover a wide range of projects; including continuing research into DC motors, shovel automated digging and blasthole slotting. In so doing, they have gained local support for projects, and communities have seized opportunities for development,” said Jonathan Lash, President of the World Resources Institute (WRI).
The horrors behind Zimbabwe’s diamonds are the subject of a new report released today by Partnership Africa Canada (PAC): Zimbabwe, Diamonds and the Wrong Side of History. Era is modern, although I had to leave out a second cold storage warehouse and feed elevator that are north of the wye off the UP main because of lack of space.
If you click on the plan, it does open up an image that you can zoom in on but the file didn't upload with as much clarity as it has on my computer. I envision the layout occupying 2-4 operators in a session, but also allowing solo switching. There is also the huge Joso Bridge there as well, but it might be too large for a medium sized layout. I think it has a potential to be significantly different from the typical model railroad layout most people build.
Model Railways Live and British railroad Modelling powder magazine go features and reviews on a wide range of model trains.
Welcome to the web site of the Oxford & dominion Model railway system Club british model railway layouts. It has the typical instructional film feeling to it, with a narrator that explains what the person in the picture is doing.
The 2012 Festival of British Railway molding at Doncaster is set to make up a corking weekend of working model.
The MMRS is one of the oldest model railroad clubs in the UK being founded in This is home to six layouts in most of the popular scales troika being Skip to independent Model Railway Layout. The BNSF engineer says the area around Cold Store nails the prototype setup, as a BNSF local comes in just to switch those two industries and then return to Pasco. You will perhaps know of a better solution to some of the things they show, but unless you are an all-time expert, I am sure you will learn a thing or two. Other ideas focus on main line running with several towns, but I wanted to try my hand at designing a layout with minimal mainline based on local switching opportunities. The film is all about landscaping and nothing else.The DVD is available in both German and English. Besides the film it contains a PDF with complete building instructions for the layout featured in the film. Including track plans for Fleischmann, Roco Geo-Line, PIKO A-track, Marklin C-track and Trix C-track.The GuidebookCelebrating their 100th year anniversary, NOCH published a guidebook called "Model Landscaping Today".
The book is published in a magazine-like layout and contains, not 100, as you might expect, but 28 tips for building a model railway landscape.
The DVD has the advantage of being able to actually show the entire process, which makes it the better choice.

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