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Wunderland AirportIn the past years, embedded between Knuffingen and Switzerland, Miniatur Wunderland’s latest layout arose – our passenger airport.
Wunderland Transcontinental TunnelAnybody who feels a vibration under their feet is probably standing on one of our trains for they pass only 5 cm underneath the floor.
Google partnered with interactive maps specialist Unilabs to create tiny camera-toting vehicles that roamed around Miniatur Wunderland’s roads and tracks. Knuffingen AreaKnuffingen is, next to Austria and the Harz, the oldest layout part of the Miniatur Wunderland. This ambitious and complex project is the world’s first link between Hamburg and America by rail.
Sauntering together through the alleys of Zurich's town center, they came across a railway model shop, which at once evoked childhood memories in Frederik.
The Street View car above is just a model made to mark the attraction’s documentation.

This city of 10,000 inhabitants, idyllically situated between the Harz and the Alps, is one of the largest cities in Miniatur Wunderland.
Knuffingen is known for its innovations and has a worldwide reputation for its automobile industry.
The groundbreaking Carsystem of Miniatur Wunderland was initially installed in Knuffingen, and still is the largest in Wunderland with more than 90 cars. Since the 22nd of August 2008 the plan was lying on the layout base, initiating the construction phase, officially. Special attention was drawn to the sealing of the seams so that no water can penetrate into the tunnel.
Not only for aviation and technology fans, the impressive Airport is the new Wunderland highlight.
Up to 40 different aircrafts (from Cessna to Airbus A 380) are taxing independently on this Airport to the gates.

They are also being moved back from the gates by push-back vehicles in order to taxi to the runway. The solution is a train of 4 engines which – forcibly if needed – pushes the train out of the tunnel. We haven't been able to catch the arsonist yet, much to the annoyance of the fire department and the joy of our guests.
Each aircraft is equipped with original lights and original, realistic turbine sounds at least in the take-off phase (otherwise the noise level would be unbearable).

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