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Easy to use for a newcomer to DCC or for the operation of a smaller layout, this system is a great choice.
The Decoder Doctor allows you to test decoders to see whether they're working before fitting View Product.
Throughout the whole ordeal, the terrified guard and post office staff are crammed into a corner as the masked men point the knife and handgun at them.The they appear to lead the helmet-wearing post office worker who was delivering the cash box outside, before heading back to their car. A short clip at the end of the footage, taken from the secure van, shows the men calmly get back into a silver Vauxhall with fake number plates and and speed away with the cash box.The large man wielding the knife in the footage is Ryan Patterson, 29, one of three men who was sentenced to jail at Leeds Crown Court, alongside Matthew Richardson, 29, and Gavin Ross, 28.

The court heard the three men were part of a gang that committed two 'callous' crimes.First was the post office robbery, then afterwards came an unsuccessful attempt to attach a cashpoint in a shop to the back of a Honda and drive it away. It was when cops investigated the car and its purchase that they made a connection to Ross through phone records. Footage shows the thieves burst into the store, manhandle the staff, and then wreck parts of the store to make way for a cable that they attach to the ATM.
However, when the cable breaks, the thieves have to make a run for it empty handed, simply driving away in their car.

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