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CPG500 track laying machine is using single sleeper & continuous operation method, this model comes with track & sleeper laying function. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. In contrast with the SI-300 model hydraulic lifting machine, the SI-300A model hydraulic lifting machine has a load-bearing structure that can accommodate the installation of a dual tamping system.
When the tamping system is not installed, the SI-300A hydraulic lifting machine has the same functions and performance levels as the SI-300 model, with the exception of the mechanical extension of the supporting vertical columns which is not provided for in this version. Next to the lifting system, there is a tamping system consisting of a pair of electro-hydraulically controlled mobile tamping heads powered by an additional pump which enables them to tamp any type of track.
Moreover, front rail hook can perform a longitudinal movement of 400 mm which, combined with the longitudinal movement of the tamping heads, enables easy positioning and hooking of the rail at all times. Shorted equalizers and failed insulated joints and poor ballast conditions can be simulated as well. For transit railroads that use AC power frequency track circuits, Big J track simulators can be built with an optional simulated impedance bond at the insulated joint location and 12 volt maximum simulated overhead propulsion with common rail return as well.
Regardless of application or options purchased, Big J Track circuit simulators work with Steady DC, Steady AC power frequency, Style C, Pulsed AC or DC, and lower AF frequency track applications. Additional selectable fault troubles including failed fouling jumpers and diverging section track faults.
Pictured: Left-hand turnout with transit rail options designed for a signal training center. Based on a BNSF design, this larger, advanced simulator has all the offerings of the Big J full size straight track and two turnout track trainer boxes in one box.
Originally designed to provide a tool for the field supervisor to get that on-the-spot, shot-in-the-arm training or refresher training for signal persons, this can also be an economical tool for use in a dedicated training center. These smaller simulators and trainers can be easily stored on a shelf and used on a standard workbench when needed. Based on a design requested and originally built for the Union Pacific Railroad Training Center, this trainer puts an advanced twist on the Basic 0503 Turnout Trainers. With the throw of a switch can be made for parallel foulings, parallel relay foulings, or series type turnout track circuit configurations. Selectable insulated joints in front of switch points and additional track leads allow for the best series track switch circuit controller trainer on the market. With the series controller insulated joints selector switch in by-pass, the additional track leads offer an excellent tap point for track shunt circuit controller interface in an exact simulation of its true in field counterpart. Basic simulators and trainers can usually ship in thirty to sixty days upon receipt of payment. For the wayside training needs of a more advanced nature, complete simulators are becoming an ever more popular request.
Pictured: Students following a training procedure on an ABS simulator that a customer started building but couldn't finish. Operational switches and signals and cab signal generator active indicators on both interlocking ends.
This Simulator was designed and built based on actual railroad prints and is often times used for locking testing training. Modular design allows a second module to be ordered at a later time and interfaced with a module already purchased and in use by the customer.

The intermediate straight track section between interlocking sections allows for a broader and more complete representation of the customer's railroad. Dedicated racks and benches are available for larger simulators; however, Big J's modular design approach can allow all parts of a larger simulator to be unplugged and just a segment of the trainer be used as a focal point in training. Advanced simulators can typically be designed, delivered, and made familiar to your training staff in four to six months.
For highway crossing training needs, our advanced crossing simulators are also becoming more popular.
Our crossing simulators feature miniature track and miniature crossing flasher symbols that light up on a panel during operation to simulate the signal lamps. Pictured: Three Track relay, stick based (ESR-WSR) crossing simulator with Model 95 gate mechanism (in foreground) attached. If relays are a thing of your railroad's past, the CR1006 three-track Style C Ring 10 simulator designed to interface with an SCX-1 or -2 or comparable chassis is also available. Pictured: Three-track, Style C, Ring 10 track simulator designed for BNSF can be interfaced to an SCX crossing processor or equivalent in minutes and offers up to 30 different track related faults. The CR1006AF Crossing Track Simulator offers similarly enhanced three track circuit crossing training to that of an SCX box, but this AF (audio frequency) box is designed to teach crossing operation using three audio frequency track circuits without insulated joints. Pictured: CR1006AF Crossing Simulator with three audio frequency track circuits using no insulated joints. Pictured: HXP-3 Crossing Predictor simulator with dial-in simulated train movement ability and warning equipment interface. Pictured: GCP-3000 predictor using the Safetran SSCC III Plus Gate Controller and the SEAR event recorder. Other training simulators or optional accessories that can interface to other simulators for consideration are pictured below. Pictured: Customer switch panel simulator before and after pics depicting major space taking single switch panel (before) and switch panel modified with shorter points (after).
Crossing gate options can provide a whole other chance for training in gate adjustment and maintenance and can be interfaced to a tasked circuit or other Big J related simulators to help the user to understand this portion of most signal systems. Pictured: Switch circuit controllers are among the signal industry's simplest yet most confusing apparatus on most signal systems. Pictured: Wayside signals interfaceable to a simple relay circuit built on a work bench or interfaced to a wayside signal plant simulator trainer expanding the ability to familiarize your apprentices with the equipment they will be responsible for in the field.
In fact, Big J can even build complete simulator types not mentioned above such as Basic Electronic Circuit trainers noted below, and we will work with you to determine which aspects of the design will be handled by us and which aspects you prefer to handle yourself. For the cost-conscious customer, in addition to offering the basic track circuit trainer and economy versions of the advanced simulators mentioned above, we'd like to point out that our modular designs often allow you to purchase usable simulators now and upgrade later. The list goes on of simulators designed and built by Big J that are in use in signal training efforts around the world.
If you are a signal team leader (foreman, manager, or director) you know as well as we do that qualified, field ready people are something you must create from people that are thought to be capable of learning this craft.
Even if your company still sends apprentices to a signal training service, if your apprentice walks in with the key concepts already learned, your training dollar will go much farther.
Pictured: A Cross and Grounds Trainer is an example of the "odds and ends" that Big J can provide for comprehensive training.
For the most in personalized, on-site training, Big J will come and visit your railroad on a fact finding tour to ensure that we have the operation of your railroad well understood for unique training deliveries.

Our entire developed training for your railroad can be made custom to your railroad signal needs with Big J. This will be largely dependent upon how much of the program needs to be made specifically for your railroads needs. The delivery cost will be based on the program chosen and as for additional costs, many times these costs are non-existent and in the few times charges were billed these were for low travel expense amounts only and this cost is presented up front for your approval before any work begins.
After hearing the answers to the above questions from Big J and any others you may ask, you too will be saying, "Wow! While Big J specializes in signal training support, we also occasionally provide the following services to a few of our clients.
A larger discussion of our qualifications can be found on the "Our Qualifications" page of this site. From small helpful simulators that can fit easily into a safety meeting setting to a full complement of simulators and training materials for a complete training center, Big J is your source. Perhaps everything mentioned above sounds appealing except the responsibility of ownership and development and maintenance of training equipment. Do you have a collection of parts that you would like Big J to use in building a simulator to help reduce costs? Do you want to start acquiring simulators over time and be assured that the signal simulation company you start with will still be there and will remember you and what we have already done when you call back? Do you have a need to get qualified temporary support for your signal training program on site? If you are struggling with how you are going to address your signal system training needs, you need to call Big J. It consists of Rail Pulling Tractor, Main Working Machine (including Erecting Car and Auxiliary Power Car) Drive Wagon, Rail and Sleepers Transport Wagon (Optional), Gantry Crane and its power system, hydraulic system, electric control system and etc.
The tamping heads are able to perform longitudinal movements of 350 mm, in order to position themselves on the sleeper to be tamped, and lateral movements of 620 mm in order to be able to adapt to all types of rail gauge.
Track resistors and test clips allow for set up and testing training of each section as well. Measuring only 24 inches by 14 inches by approximately 5 inches tall, this handy little trainer easily stores on a tool house shelf until needed and is easily blended into a job briefing setting. The PSTO Turn out trainers allow for special set up and application training at turnouts that incorporate a Switch Circuit Controller.
It utilizes dial in simulated train train movement simulator allowing the user to simulate various train speeds for observance of operations, has flashing light model board for stand alone operation or can be interfaced to a gate simulator.
A good tool for teaching set up, linearization of approaches, and has a multitude of trouble scenarios.
This approach made the acquisition affordably priced over time and even though this is the final section, it could still be expanded upon easily should the railroad decide to do so one day.

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