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Basically I cut a channel through the Woodland Scenics track bed and under the interfering trackage.
Using a product called NeoLube (available from Micro-Mark), I blackened the brass and set it in place. Then using a drill & tap set, I was able to attach the brass tubing to the track throw tie and the ground throw using 00-90 screws.
I glued the ground throw down with a tiny dab of glue and held it in place with a couple of track spikes until the glue dried for 24 hours.

So what I've done is added a length of square brass tubing to the end of the throw arm. It's basically the same concept as the RC plane pushrods, but a lot smaller and cheaper. Not counting the drying time for the NeoLube, this took me probably less than 10 minutes per switch.
The NeoLube has a slick finish so I'm not too worried about trouble with the travel of the throw.
He is also in charge of designing our new permanent club layout that depicts the CN line from Barrie to Meaford in the 1950s.He is a meticulous worker who goes to the trouble of installing lit lanterns in a caboose and powering a snowblower. I used brass and steel initially, and had to replace several turnout controls when they rusted tight after applying plastercloth and ballast.

Once I know everything is going to work the way I want it to I paint and weather the ties and rail. Brad also lays his track on ten test board which is softer than homasote but has sound deadening qualities. It doesn't hold spikes well if you're handlaying track but can be used if you are using prefab track.
He hadn't ballasted the track or installed a lot of scenery the last time I saw it so the jury is still out on how well it will stand up over time.

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