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This section explains the technical aspects of railway modelling and looks at some of the famous layouts on display in different parts of the country. Revel in the sights and sounds as we take you on a tour of Britain’s most famous heritage lines. Travel further afield and experience some of the most exciting routes in the world, from the Orient Express to the Darjeeling Line. If you start with issue 1, please note that you will receive your free issue and the above gifts with your second delivery. With your 2nd delivery, you will receive your FREE Model Railway Binder and Dividers (for people starting from issue 1, this will be delivered with your 3rd delivery). With your 4th delivery, you will receive your FREE 5-Plank Mineral Wagon (for people starting from issue 1, this will be delivered with your 5th delivery).
For Direct Debit, Credit and Debit Card subscribers, you will receive your bonus Essential Cork Underlay with your 3rd delivery (for people starting from issue 1 this will be with your 4th delivery). Model railway track plans, reviews, tips and techniques for creating the best model railway layouts. For those concerned about comparability with their locomotives and rolling stock, curves are all second radius, bar one, so should be okay.

Much like the Your Model Railway Village track plan, the middle area is designed to be accessible by cars, and is the best place to put the car park, main station terminus, and so on. All of the above comes to a somewhat surprising 250 GBP, if bought piecemeal without allowing for multi-packs.
The R8217 Trakmat can be found on Amazon, but you should set it up and double check the instructions before buying the track, just to be sure that you have enough space, and that the track parts list is 100% correct. The world's oldest model village is also possibly the planet's most thoroughly English visitor attraction: an acre of Edwardian life in miniature, from fox hunts to boating lakes, all encircled by a narrow gauge railway. Cool Places celebrates the glorious diversity of Great Britain, promoting the very best places to sleep, eat, drink, see, and shop. Sign up for Cool Places to find out about the very best UK hotels, cafes, pubs, restaurants and shops - and review them yourself. You will be able to keep your free gifts and you will not owe any money for goods not yet delivered.
However, it provides shunting action as well as continuous running, and can be extended to fill a bigger space. The brainchild of wealthy accountant Roland Callingham (boys and their trains…), who designed it to impress his London chums, Bekonscot opened to visitors in 1929 and has pulled in some 14 million since.

We particularly love the independent businesses that make the UK unique, from artisan bakers to farm shops, canoe trips to gastronomic tours, cool cafes to high-end restaurants and the tiniest B&B to the grandest boutique hotel. A narrow pathway threads through a landscape of lakes and mountains, golf courses and fairgrounds, along which visitors walk in single file, peering down on the goings-on below.
The trains periodically swoosh past, boats weave through the lakes on wires, and the coal mine endlessly draws black ore from the ground. If it sounds twee, well, it is – but it's also undeniably charming, and children get drawn in by the dinky figures, grown-ups by the absurdly romantic view of church-fete-and-flannels England on display.
Photographers in particular will enjoy trying to capture the miniature soap operas going on at foot-level. There's a cafe, playground, radio-controlled boats and a sit-on 'light railway' that runs a two-minute circuit, too.

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