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Bekonscot is a riot of colour during the spring and summer; our little towns framed by thousands of bedding and herbaceous plants. An immaculate stretch of lawn runs the whole length of the village, which was originally part of the meadow from which Bekonscot was created.
Several years ago a maze was introduced using the honeysuckle Baggesen’s Gold (Lonicer Nitida).
If you see any of the gardening team on your visit and you’d like to know more about the plants that they care for, then do go and ask them. Keith Brown served with the Royal Marines before pursuing a career in local government administration, where he was also an active trade union representative with UNISON. Peter is Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Investments and sits on the Board of the Scottish Futures Trust. Nathan has focused in recent years on the commercialisation and development of growth strategies for "green", low carbon and smart business strategies for cities and regions in the UK. Veronica Donnelly is the VAT partner at Campbell Dallas and leads the VAT practice for the firm. Moray takes a leading advisory role in infrastructure project finance for both public and private sectors and heads the team responsible for a number of innovative funding strategies on projects, particularly in the health, education and waste management sectors. Moray was involved in the development of the Non-Profit Distributing model in Scotland as well as the emerging HUB model, both of which are creating new opportunities to structure projects differently to meet the needs of the public sector.
David Simpson, Network Rail route managing director for Scotland, has been running Scotland’s Railway since 2005.

Alan is a Chartered Engineer with 40 years experience in the design of a wide range of civil engineering projects. In order that they can operate effectively, Boards and other decision-makers must be presented with accurate and relevant information on which to assess their options.
Lots of them are of bonsai style, in scale with the models; but aficionados rightly point out that they are not strictly “bonsai”, but skilfully trimmed and gradually reshaped standard garden plants.
Of course to a miniature person these would be of vast proportions – but sometimes it’s just rather nice to enjoy a bright mass of colour than worry about the scale. It is known as ‘Broadwalk Lawn’, because when Mr Callingham first built Bekonscot, he would walk through the village twice daily on his way to the railway station and back.
The curator at Hampton Court kindly sent an outline of their maze, and this was used to create a copy in miniature for Bekonscot, which is situated near the small village of Hanton.
We’ve installed a network of pop-up sprinklers (you’ll see them hidden on the top of camouflaged pipes sticking up out of a few bushes) which water the gardens in the very early hours of the morning when required, using the water stored in the "Main Lake". They’re not for boats instead they dissuade the herons from coming in and eating our nice whales (well, Koi carp, but you try telling that to a man 5 inches high).
He is a graduate of Dundee University and studied at the University of Prince Edward Island.He has been a Member of the Scottish Parliament since 2007 and is currently the constituency MSP for Clackmannanshire and Dunblane.
Previously, as a Partner at Grant Thornton UK LLP, Nathan worked with public and private sector organisations, across a wide range of projects and programmes in social, environmental and economic infrastructure.
Having originally joined the rail industry as a BR graduate trainee in 1986, David has worked in a wide variety of roles for BR, Railtrack, Network Rail and within freight operating companies.

He has just stepped down as Chairman of ICE Scotland having previously been a member of Council for the Institution of Civil Engineers and Chairman of the Glasgow and West Of Scotland Region of ICE. Key to this is to have business processes which facilitate access to robust data and other information to ensure the efficient running of the organisation and the effective delivery of its services.
It doesn’t seem to upset the ducks – we have a pair who regularly nest each spring on the Pier Island at Bekonscot Town.
David, who was educated at Aston University in Birmingham, was also heavily involved in the introduction of Pendolino trains on the WCML and has led the devolution of Network Rail’s business in Scotland. Introducing and applying good information management procedures will undoubtedly help assist achieving these aims. With two full time gardeners, plus occasional part-time helpers, they trim the plants with secateurs into miniature shapes and mow the grass with full-sized mowers.
He was involved in the Forth Road Bridge for nearly 30 years, initially on the assessment of the structure and was then responsible for a number of projects both to strengthen the bridge and repair it.
Some of the farms have large areas of fields separated by metal fencing – each piece has to be removed and replaced each week to cut the grass. That’s why some of the newer models (for small areas of grass with lots of people on them) have a little bit of synthetic grass; it saves our aged models from constant damage.

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