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I've got a question for those of you who are familiar with prototype electric railroads.
Been enjoying this forum for some time, especially the generally high level of modeling and thought of the members. I've been having problems in the past week with photos on different post at home and at work.

Sorry for the poor picture; my camera was having a hissy fit that day that I did not detect until I viewed the pictures on my monitor.
It would seem to me that removing coils of a pantograph spring would increase tension, would it not? Did the use of pantographs dictate the use of catenary suspension of the trolley wire, or was single wire also in use? It was on a photo-shoot road trip and my friend said that the visit was the ONLY time that a center third-rail car had been on his layout, let alone in his layout room!
The model railway offers on a few square meters an impressive array of small scenes and details.

I can recall, I think, of one or two photos showing single wire but I'm not sure about that. I'd like to use single wire for a planned layout featuring an electric line, and the thought of avoiding wire frogs and pole flipping on reversing moves seems attractive.

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