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Antics specialise in a wide range of collectible radio controlled model cars, boats, planes, toys, diecast vehicles, plastic kits and model railways. Further figures, including a great range of Preiser figures, can be found in our plastic kit figures section. Lionheart Trains oil tank wagons have been slightly delayed and are not now expected to reach the UK until late in December at the earliest. We know that getting started in model railways can be confusing, with so many options available and many unfamiliar terms being used. The image here shows the relative sizes of model trains made to the main gauges used for modeling standard gauge trains, those being the trains running on the national network of Britains' railways. Locomotives and rolling stock were allocated to each business sector, giving a clear overview of the costs of operation.Each sector developed it's own indentity and livery, with InterCity using coloured bands to accentuate the length of trains and give an impression of speed, while the freight groups used grey bands and colourful logos, often designed to incorporate a letter F, to show the sponsoring business unit.

It can sometimes seem daunting to find which path is the best for you.At Anticsonline help is only a phone call away.
As we can't guarantee the size of the image which will be displayed on your screen as this can be varied by the display settings of your computer, so we have added a rule in inches and millimetres along the bottom and on the left side of the image to help you visualise the true size. In the top left corner is table which gives the name, track gauge and modeling scale for each of the model train gauges, the last column shows another common description for the scale, expressing the the ratio of millimetres of model measurement to 1 foot length on the real train. Anticsonline website attempts to use the track gauge name to describe railway models, including trains and railway accessories, as this is the quickest method to identify which models have been manufactured to run on your tracks or match with your trains.We use the scale ratio for almost all non-railway models, as these are not constrained by track gauge. Gauge 1 models are still readily available, however a layout for these large size models cannot easily be accomodate indoors. Gauge O, now known by the letter rather than as 'gauge zero' was the gauge of Hornby Tinplate model trains, designed for indoor use.

These trains use the same track as OO trains and several non-railway model ranges from Europe are made to this scale, many of these can be used alongside OO models. N Guage is increasing in popularity as it is smaller, often a major consideration in modern homes.
Sometimes the description 2mm (to 1 foot) will also be seen on models for N gauge railways.

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