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Ford Model T became popular in 1908 when it was regarded as the first reasonably priced automobile. Among the features of Ford Model T include 2.9 liter four-cylinder motor and an engine that is capable of running kerosene, gasoline and ethanol. Over 30 different sorts of black paint were utilized on various elements of Ford Model T to satisfy the varying ways of applying paint to the different parts.
Model T Fords came in several body styles: Touring, Runabout, Coupe, Town, Tourster, Torpedo, Sedan, Couplet, Tudor Sedan and Fordor Sedan. This rear-wheel drive vehicle’s transmission is controlled with 3 foot pedals and one lever that were mounted to the driver’s seat roadside. The small oil tanks for the running lights hold oil and have not been converted to electric. The current owner of this Model T is 95 years old and he acts just like a teenager at the wheel of this car.
So bid with confidence, be sure to check out the photo galleries and video below to get a better idea of the exact condition of this cool car, and GOOD LUCK to you! This roadster features new upholstery (seat, curtain, and convertible boot) and new Ford floor mats.

On several occasions the current owner has in fact driven the car on 100+ mile round trips.
It was sure fun taking photos of this very, very old car--it reminds me of the United States of 90 years ago and I could picture it in front of a haunted house for some Holloween fun. Please be sure to call or email if you have any questions prior to bidding and I will do my best to get you an accurate answer. He firmly believed that there was no need for further development in motorcars as he had perfected the modern automobile.
The crank start works perfectly but this vintage automobile also has an electric start and its original 6 volt electrical system. In an international poll, this model was named the most influential automobile of the 20th century. While he may have been overstating the facts a bit, the Model T and the Ford Motor Company did change the world. But there are two companies (one in Indiana and another in New York) that sell Model T and Model A parts and they have the correct wicks. Before the end of the 1920's, more than one half of all the cars in the entire world were Model T Fords.

While doing the photo shoot on this car a crowd of nearly 15 people from the neighborhood all gathered around to view the beautiful Classic T.
Model Ts never had perfect (what we would now call) body work even when they were brand new. At no other point in history has a single car company (let alone a single model!) held so much market share.
But this is a very functional, fun automobile and you won't need to worry about it like you might with a 100 point museum quality show car. This is a car that when you park it and all the kids from the neighborhood come running you won't have a heart attack worrying little hands touching it.

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