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THIS VEHICLE IS SOLD!!!    It may look a little strange among our wide selection of Muscle Cars and Fifties Classics, but we like this piece of nostalgia from Henry Ford!  This red Touring Car, with black fenders of course, black interior, and wide whitewall tires give it that little extra eye appeal to contrast it with all of the totally black Model Ts out there in the world!  Not a trailer queen, but a great ride and drive car to take a tour with your Model T Club friends! This original 1913 Model T Ford touring has just been removed from an old Gold Country California garage where it had been stored since 1960. The person we purchased it from bought it in 1960 with the idea of restoring it ( that would have been ashame) and 50 years later, it remained untouched in the same spot. When we got it , we drained the oil, hooked up a gas tank, got some spark to the coils, cleaned the carburetor, un-stuck a valve and it fired on the third pull of the crank.

We haven't driven it much, but it seems to run fine, all four cylinder have good compression, the transmission is smooth, the old tires hold air and the wheels are very solid. Of course, the sheetmetal is all original and the original leather upholstery is intact but certainly worn. The sheetmetal and wood are very solid for being shy of 100 years old.The car has the original floor boards, slatted seat covers, etc. It really has a charming look to it and certainly attacts more attention than any restored car!

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