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FOR SALE - 1915 MODEL T FORD TOURING Selling deceased uncle’s 1915 Model T Touring - Older mid-1970’s restoration which included professionally rebuilt wheels, Dec 1915 engine rebuilt in 1974, new transmission bands, new top, upholstery, tires, and wiring ; Car has been kept inside clean dry garage ever since. Driven approximately 200 - 500 miles annually in 1980’s and 90’s and has not been out of the garage since early 2000’s. The old man that put it back together years ago, went around to differant swap meets and places to collect the few parts that it needed.

Car in good running condition; used as a prop in a commercial Hollywood movie back in the early 80's.
My dad went through the top end of the engine, (pistons, valves, gasket and I recently had to put a differant head on it. It runs and drives but I think someone that knows how to adjust the trany needs to tweek it a bit.

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